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New City of Heroes character

Okay, so I've got a lot of sims based on City of Heroes/City of Villains characters. But now I've got a CoH character based on a sim...

But first you have to sit through three Darkfire pictures before you get to the new character. ;D

Darkfire tries to relax on a Rogue Isles beach. Litter is endemic, unfortunately. (Somewhere, an Indian is crying.)

"So, what's bothering you, Dark?"
"Eh, these glowing rings kinda got me down..."

Dark poses on some heroic architecture.

Okay, here we are... do you recognize her?

That's right, it's Erica Jeffries! I tried to match up her outfit to the Space Fantasy outfit as much as possible (but I goofed on the sleeves, argh). She's got the ears and tail, though, and the tall boots. The pattern is called "mesh" which means "moire like crazy at all times" - closest thing to the houndstooth(?) check for her minidress.

So what AT is she? Well, her parents Eric and Vicky were both regen scrappers, so she's a regen scrapper too. (For non-CoXers, it means she regenerates health quickly, and a scrapper is a melee fighter.) As for the first one, well, Eric was a brawler and Vicky used a katana. Combine fists + blades and you get great big claws!

And boy, can she use 'em too!

So now Erica is a catgirl in a miniskirt, fightin' crime and rescuing helpless citizens.

Oh, and I made her origin Natural for a change of pace. Eric was Magic and Vicky was Tech, but Erica got these powers "handed down", so they're Natural to her. ^_^ Natural origin means she mostly gets to fight Council baddies.

Enemies beware as the film crew follows Space Fantasy Spy Erica!! on her rounds of Paragon City!!
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