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CoH Sims: Notes & Outtakes for Family Ties and Here We Go Again

Time for outtakes and production notes! And this is a twofer - for Family Ties and for Here We Go Again!.

Important note: All of this is pre-Bon Voyage.

There's actually an entire Ray/Aria bit I haven't used yet - it didn't quite fit with the Alvarado/Wilder/Jeffries theme going on in Family Ties. I'm hoping to put it in the next one.

Once again, trying to keep all the families in sync makes for more challenging storytelling. Not so much the timekeeping, but because certain households now must be reported in order. For instance, I'd hoped to do the Jeffries house first, but Laura Jeffries appears as a child in the Wilder house, so the Wilders have to appear first, and so on.

I also had maybe 100 or more pix, and didn't realize I'd taken so many. Yet some households didn't contribute much. Joe and Stephanie Marlin, for instance - I got three pix from them, which I'll try for the next installment; and Ryan and Molly basically had nothing going on in their lives. Which is OK, nothing wrong with that. :) Hey, it happens!

I did take this pic of Ryan exercising, though, because he looks good and I like those exercise clothes. ^_^

Also, I waited too long after taking these pix - keeping track of the order of them all... ugh.

Ohnoes! Soycat Green is made from cats!!

That guitar caught fire at least three times. I left it outside because Ter's family really was running out of money, so they sold most of the beds, and Ter slept on the couch, and the arrangement of the house means the guitar would wake up anyone on the bottom floor. Yeah, I could've put the guitar on the top floor, but they'd always be trooping up there to mess around with it instead of sensibly doing what I told them to. ^^;; They got rid of the maid, Ter took up gardening in a desperate attempt to provide vegetables, and most of the beds and some of the chairs got sold; they got rid of all but one bathroom's worth of stuff. The pets took up a ton of money and time (four animals were eating them out of house and home) so they got rid of three; Bobek stayed because he'd actually gotten to BFF status with most of the family. Then the pet stuff was mostly sold off.

Silica tried to survive off the pet food, but there was rarely even enough for the pets!

I may mess with their familyfunds a bit courtesy of Amber; iceraptoress has said that it looks like Amber, as hero Amberfyre, is racking up quite a bit of money in Paragon City, and if she invested it wisely, she'd actually be pretty well off. But I also suspect she didn't just save up all her money until she got married, so it's not like she's a millionaire; just very comfortable. ^_^ (Speaking of comfortable, I love her flannel bathrobe and slippers!) So Amber is willing to help out her friend and father-in-law Terecito.

Of course, in-game, they had enough money for the maid... but the maid only shows up once a day! More than enough time for this family to devastate the house.

I'm so dang happy about Jody, the newest Wilder. She's purpley-pink like Skye! :D

In fact, here's a quick rundown of the kids' genetics.

First, "Doc" Anthony Rayvn, former hero in Paragon City. Black hair, brown eyes, fair skin.

Doc married Nexxia, an alien from another part of the galactic arm, and also a former hero! Nexxia had purpley-pink skin, alien blue eyes, and bright purple hair.

Doc and Nexxia had one child, their wild ho-daughter Skye. Skye looked almost exactly like Nexxia, except she had Doc's pancake profile (e.g. their profile is as flat as a pancake).

Skye proceeded to woohoo many an XY set of chromosomes, and eventually got pregnant (despite her best efforts - no, really) by Lech "Manho" Nova.

The resulting child was Storm, who on the outside appears to take after his dad Lech. Yet he's evidently got Skye's skintone as a recessive, and Doc Rayvn's brown eyes as a recessive. As for the hair?... well, we'll see.

Amber, on the other hand, wasn't born like this, with yellow skin - she was born a normal human and was changed after accidentally getting powers from a magical space gem from a meteorite. She still has "normal" blond hair and blue eyes, and normal skintone genetics as a recessive.

So for their own family, they got young Anthony, who looks to have gotten most of Storm's dominant genetics; Nadija, who got Amber's skintone and Doc's eyes; and Jody, who's got Skye's skintone and, I believe, Amber's blue eyes. I'm not entirely sure, though - I need to double-check, because it's been a while since I've been in that household.

Personally, I'm super-thrilled about how their kids turned out. XD Everyone who doesn't know the family is gonna wonder where the grape-flavored kid came from!

~ ~ ~

Thunder came home from school with Philip Dumont one day (another household in which nothing happened during Spring - I'm trying to play each household through one season at a time) and made goo-goo eyes at him the entire time. It made for a great set of pix, which got use in the installment. (I suspect Thunder is still "gender-neutral" at this time since I haven't steered him toward anyone yet, unlike Lightning and his girlfriend.)

Thunder and Lightning are both off in the college bin now. I need to get back to them and to Brigid; if nothing else, to get T&L set up so they can at least answer a phone, so the relationships don't decay.

Here's the repairman for Three Wolf Peak. I've gotten a nice-looking batch of NPCs in this town, really.

Storm and Amber are both messy, messy people. They take turns burping and farting. Ter wouldn't notice a thing, but everyone else might be appalled at the secret home life of the Wilders. It makes sense the kids are also hogs. Maybe Jody will break the trend; we'll see when she hits toddler stage. (Also, notice the difference in the walls between this pic and the next one; I made over their house after a good chance card.)

Dang, Anthony's a gorgeous kid. I hope he won't uglify as he gets older... ;_; He really did just walk up, stand there, then sit down and play "tennis match" watching his parents back and forth as they talked.

~ ~ ~

Alan and Erica's house. Clonus is a nasty, nasty kid. I foresee nothing but trouble out of him. It was that defective cloning kit, you betcha.

Harrison mostly liked his new look... check out Alan in the background. I think Harrison is Family and Laura is Money, but I'm not entirely sure.

So where is baby Alanna's blond hair from? Well, the white-blond is probably a binned Genensims, but that means she's coding for blond. It might be something else that'll turn green. Heck, these are weird green CC hairs, who knows? (They're very old downloads, I got them back when I first started downloading CC.) We'll see at child age - some of the older green hairs aren't coded properly for female or young ages, and since she's a clone of Alan, that means the only color options would be red or green hair. Nice to see the green eyes back, though! I hope she ends up with green hair...

~ ~ ~

I was very careful as to the texted pix in this one, so there aren't many of those. On the other hand, it took me a while to decide which poses to use for the Red-Headed League.

I think this one is hilarious because you can just see the gun behind her back. "Hi, honey, I have a little surprise for you!" As you might guess, this ties in with Erica's sudden fame as an anime catgirl in Family Ties.

A pose from Erica's short photoshoot... I kind of wanted to show the front, but the gun poses were awkward.

I really wanted to get all the RHL's reflections in the mirrors, but the angle was bad on almost all of them. I chose the best I could. By the way, anyone else remember Thunder's eye-catching outfit? That's his bio-dad Lech Nova's old outfit. Looks good on him. ^_^

Speaking of Thunder, he's going to make a handsome adult, isn't he?
"Give me a call, girls... I'm waiting."
"Hey, Amber! Look at me!"
"Argh, what is this? Spinach? Arugula? Broccoli?"

I forget which pose this is supposed to be... notice the "floating" necklace. It's one of Aikea Guinea's old meshes that is no longer supported from Pets onward, but Alan's clone still has it on him, so I had to fix that before I could use him in any shots.
"Man, this stuff's really stuck in there!"

Strut yer stuff, Alan. (See again the bad mesh)

Actually, just having these guys pose was plentiful fodder for extra pix. (iceraptoress, I have full-size versions if you want any of them for posters.)

I finally did the "treadmill dance" pic with a flipped image of Storm, since he's got the hairstyle most amenable to that. I'd thought of having four members of the RHL, but I only had three matching suits. ^_^ Also, these three are related through Thunder, who's Alan's nephew and Storm's half-brother. I don't know of any other red-haired males who are related to any of them except Anthony, and he's too young.

Okay, Thunder picspam time! Because he just looked so good doing karaoke. XD

Actually, there's another reason. Originally each textpic was going to have a smaller inset of one of the RHL doing some kind of pose, and the idea was that that one would be the one "singing" the song.

Of course, the songs by Jefferson Airplane and Carlene Carter and "Space Fantasy" kind of nuked that idea. But I still ended up with lots of pix before I realized that the insets would be lots more work, and so on and so forth.

I have to say, I'd planned to put Thunder in a kilt come college, but now I'm thinking he needs to go ultra-stylish instead.

As it is, I see potential lines of women (and some men) following him around. He got a good mix of the Jeffries-Nova features, that's for sure. Though to be fair, I haven't aged up Lightning to see how he turns out; but we all know Thunder has always looked more like Lech and Lightning looks more like Ray/Ramon.

That's it for now!
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