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No Rest for the Wicked

Today's To-Do List:
- write A. who wrote me after 4 years, at last
- Finish sending out Xmas cards
- Thankyou note to S&S for their Xmas gift to us and Bday gift to K.
- Sympathy card to Grandma
- Think of and buy gifts for S&S in exchange
- Get savings bonds for everyone's kids
- 30 min on hurricane map
- confirm Thanksgiving plans
- fold 1 load laundry
- think of some recipe for dinner and cook it (probably with ground beef, 'cause that's fastest)
- download state fair forms and fill out
- download photos from digital camera, crop and select, and add to webpage
- load and run dishwasher
- sweep kitchen floor
- mop kitchen floor
- ask C to vacuum when possible
- work on PBEM RPG installment for Ch.

Already done:
- mail run
- wash and dry 1 load laundry (see above)

I'm gonna go out of my head, I think.
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