Laridian (laridian) wrote,

I'll skip the drama

Really, really hoping to get writing and newsletter done today.

Sign of my muddled thinking yesterday: saying "maybe we need to buy a cheap dvd player since even most kids' movies and shows are now on DVD" and later realizing "Duh! We have both an Xbox and a PS2, we could put one of them high up in the living room where the kids can't reach it and use THAT for a DVD player!"

Ordering full set of Schoolhouse Rock DVDs. And "Formerly Known As" (JLA mini) based on recommendations from thatnickguy and shinzakura, IIRC. Question of the morning: Why does the SHR music CD set cost TWICE! as much as the video DVD set? Holding off on buying that for now, although probably I'll end up getting it soon.
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