Laridian (laridian) wrote,

CoV Fic: Goodness Gracious...

Title: Goodness Gracious...
Fandom: City of Heroes/Villains
Wordcount: 543
Warnings: None (well, one instance of mild language)
Characters: Both of the rescue teams and possibly a Sims character cameo!
Notes: We're getting close to the end of the rescue story arc.

Swift and silent. That was the idea. They made it clear to the door without being noticed.

"All right," Dark whispered. They weren't using their team communicators for fear of the heroes picking up on transmission. "We go in quick and as quiet as we can." He looked at Jack, whose "SMASH!" fighting style did not lend itself to quietness. "Grab Simaster and get out. If nobody notices, great – we've still proved a point." That their base isn't secure, and that we take care of our own. "As soon as the alarm goes up, fight to get out first and cause damage second."

He took a deep breath and reached for the door. As he did so, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He risked a glance and saw a skinny kid in an Outcasts T-shirt looking directly at him.

Dark looked around himself – he'd forgotten that Shade and Harrly's shadowy auras didn't extend all that far, and he was now painfully visible. He drew himself up straight.

"Yes?" he said to the Outcast kid. "What is it?" He knew the heroes tended to include former villains; perhaps this was why the Outcast was here.

Maybe he could pull off the whole mistaken-identity thing. Just like in bad movies, right?

The kid didn't answer, just looked askance at the group. Dark tried to flick his hand at the door in the "Get in there, people" gesture, without being too obvious about it.

"Okay," he said, a little exasperated – evidently he wasn't obvious enough for his team, who refused to move. "They're here to transport the prisoner to the Zig. He sang like a bird, and we know where to go from here."

The kid shot a lightning bolt at Dark, knocking him backward.

~ ~ ~

The ninjas and robots had provided plenty of cover until the pirates showed up.

Snow Fury wasn't familiar with the urban legend of the enmity between pirates and ninjas, so when the pirate-themed superheroes appeared and declared war on Nelian's black-clad troops, Snow had no idea why the heroes seemed so gleeful about it. Right now, it was much more important that her team was suddenly in a two-front war: liberating Solar from the van, and fighting back the assorted buccaneers, one of whom yelled "You fight like a cow!" while swinging a broadsword crazily around him.

If we get any more heroes in this fight –

Meanwhile, the prison bus was covered up and surrounded by Longbow agents, all of whom were firing or fighting back. Tiny couldn't get close enough to the van to break in.

"Clear a path!" Snow commanded. She cast an ice patch below the bus – anyone who tried to walk on that would have trouble staying upright. If they could get enough Longbow out of the way, Tiny could get close.

Pretty Hatemachine's robots finally dispersed some of the Longbow, and Tiny raced in.

~ ~ ~

Veel took a moment to catch his breath. This fight was –

Something struck him from behind, and he turned to face an old woman, scowling and hitting him with a purse that must've been filled with concrete, based on how much it hurt.

"Ya damn hippies oughta be ashamed!" she chastised him even as she walloped him so hard he saw stars.
Tags: fiction: city of heroes/villains

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