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Tellerman Legacy: Production notes for "A Nose by Any Other Name"

Production notes for Tellerman Legacy's A Nose by Any Other Name, beneath the cut! With plenty of outtakes and a whole buncha teen townies all grown up!

Well, after Vega and George perished at the hands of Gail the Angry Ghost, I was worried about Antares making it through the night safely. I knew the kids would likely be OK, but if Antares died, the kids would all go to the social worker and then where would this legacy be?

"Down the toilet, that's where."

Fortunately, Gail didn't even scare anyone again that night - her bloodlust was sated, I suppose - and first thing in the morning, all four urns took a trip to the cemetery. (The story posits they didn't leave for several more "years", of course.)

I'm really gonna miss Antares when he goes. He's still alive as of this post. It's odd that the Gen 4 heir is still alive and may very well get to see his great-grandchild if the Gen 7 heir-contender(s) arrive in time.

Speaking of heirs: Kessa's nose is a lot like George's - long and lumpy - only not as much. Unfortunately, this knocked her out of the running for heir, much to my dismay - I really wanted a female heir since there are plenty of bignosed men out there. That left the twin boys, Kyle and Keith. They are either identical or near-identical in appearance - but very different in personality. I even tried choosing by personality, but no dice there.

"Pick me! Pick me!"

I had to wait until their teen transformation... and remember in the Ishkabibbles how every time a kid transitioned, lightning struck a tree and set it afire? Even the Tellermans are not immune! Kyle's transformation kills a tree! (It's just started on fire in the pic)

Whiskey the puppy is one of those produced by Lexa and King (previously seen in the Tellerman legacy). I think Whiskey looks fantastic - he's got coloring from both, Lexa's curled tail and pointed ears, King's slimmer body. Lexa and King were both adoption pool dogs (look them up earlier in the legacy and you can ID them in the pool by sight) so if you want to give a shot at getting dogs like Whiskey, you can.

As soon as all the kids were teens, off they went to college. But the noses on the boys meant I had to find a female heir somehow. So what's a Legacy simmer to do? Send every teen townie to college, that's what!

That's what I did. I filled up several houses, eight at a time. At first I divided them into all-male and all-female groups, then filled up the last one with the leftovers. Shopkeeps, David Ottomas, anyone who could go to college went. And while there are several decent noses among the boys, as we all know, the girls uniformly disappointed me.

Some of the townies' names stay the same from game to game, others change; I took photos but have no idea who some of them are post-transition. But you readers at home might be interested.

Ooh, I should've remembered which teen this was, I could use him in the Ishkabibbles.

Pretty sure that's Sophie Miguel there on the left. "Girl, that dress looks fine!"

Another couple of odd-nosed less-than-attractive types; great for Ishes, not so great for a legacy that aims at producing noses that require skull-counterweights.

Yep, David Ottomas. Who has a decent nose but he doesn't count 'cause he's a playable.

Not Ben Long, but an incredible simulation! He's the teen townie clone of Ben. And has the same wardrobe!

Alvin Futa, future playboy!

A whole crowd of teens gone to college. Alon the paperboy now sports a fireman's outfit. Once a service sim, always a service sim?

David Ottomas is now a roommate of Antares' non-canon offspring Betelguese (in the mad scientist outfit).

And - hey, he's a walkby, not a townie, but look! A blond green-eyed version of Remington Harris!

The dormies were not too bad, much different ones than I usually get, but nothing that screamed "Marry me for my nose!"

Okay, back to the Tellermans. "Ah, man! Why can't I be heir! I've got the nicer personality!"

Actually, all three kids look pretty good, especially from the front. Kessa has slightly droopy eyes, and the boys a bit of a brow ridge, but I think they have thinner noses than Antares'. From the front, you can hardly tell how far out those schnozzes poke.

So, off to college with them. Now, you might be wondering about their aspirations and LTWs. I'm pretty sure Kessa was Popularity, and I wrote her as such. Keith rolled Family and Kyle rolled Pleasure. I base my heirs partly on LTW, knowing that some aspirations have poorer choices than others. But you know what they had?

Kessa: Mad Scientist
Keith: Mad Scientist
Kyle: Mad Scientist

Yes, you read that right. All three of them want to be Mad Scientists. Well, that solves the LTW problem, doesn't it!

With that in mind, I resorted to more desperate measures. madame_ugly suggested the Diva, as one of the few Maxis female sims with some size to her nose. I went into SimPE and cloned off the Diva, whose name also changes in every game/hood; in this one she was Therese, so I left it at that. I copied off all her personality, skills, stats, etc. and recreated her in Westerly as an adult. Then I reverted her age to teen and shipped her off to college. The game, meanwhile, created at least 3 new teen townies, whom I suspect are the paper carrier and a couple of shopclerks. I didn't bother bringing them to college (I'm running out of places for people to live).

Therese is a Money sim; her LTW is career-oriented too, which is always nice. I put her in the dorm with the Tellerman kids and decided to let them figure it out: whoever had the higher score with her by the end of 2nd year would be the heir. She liked Keith, but Kyle won by just a few points. (In case you're wondering, Keith has a higher Nice score.)

Keith gets himself a stalker as a consolation prize. >_>;

The Tellermans originally had boring college clothes, so I sent one of them to the store, and look who was there! It's Vega's twin Astrophel! But officially he's off with the aliens, and I don't even know how he got out of his holding pen. (Well, he is smart...)

"Hey, that alien chick's hot!"
"Dude, that's my sister."
"Hey, your alien sister's hot!"

"Ah, who am I kidding, this'll never go with my new purse."

I had no idea what to do with this pic. I don't even know why I took it.

I know how it came about, though: they had a regular trash-tipper. And then one day I heard a sizzling sound, and there was a pile of ash on the front walk. That's still a mystery, since I don't play vampires, and don't believe any were on the lot. Maybe someone left a bag of flaming poo? If so, who? And why? And for whom? So many questions.

So with the heir chosen - Kyle the Pleasure sim with a LTW to be a mad scientist - Kessa and Keith have been moved to the Tellerman holding house, and Kyle and Therese cheated up to finals. They both had a ton of skill points, so no sense maxing the skills in college and then having nothing to do during adult- and elderhood. They graduated, got some interesting outfits, and went home to Antares and Whiskey. Therese got the "black face" glitch, which a trip to the mirror cured; first time I've had that happen, ever.

So now we'll see how the noses run in this family. ;)
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