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CoH Sims: Production Notes for Alliances

Wow, there were a lot of outtakes for this one! Go behind the scenes for "Alliances"!

First, the Dumonts. As some of you saw, Ramon Jeffries ended up taking Brigid to college, which was just odd. But out of the blue, Philip started talking about that awkward adult behavior...

"Philip, you're such an advanced child, I know, but that's really not appropriate at the dinner table."

"Jeremy, Philip's talking about woohoo already!"

"Just you wait, Phil. Grow up and find a nice hot woman like your mom, then the fun begins!"

"You're bringing in a dude ranch? But what we need is heavy industry!"

~ ~ ~

"...the hell? Ramon, what on earth are you doing sneaking about?"
"I, ah, lost a contact lens and don't want to step on it?"

~ ~ ~

There were actually two pix of Stephanie and Joe, but they had huge continuity problems even though they were only a couple of realtime minutes apart. The one used shows them standing outside Stephanie's door, talking. The one I couldn't use, below, has them inside, where Joe has changed out of his heavy coat and Stephanie changed into something a lot less formal (!). Which was too bad as I could've used this otherwise. Oh well!

"I'm sorry, Stephanie... I can't marry you because - I can never give you the children you want!"
"No! It can't be!"
"Oh, Stephanie..."
"Oh, Joe! I love you no matter what!"
(Cue organ music and fade out. We'll be right back to The Immortal and the Restless!)

I don't know what's up with Aaron being all cranky toward Joe. He just was.

Yes, Ripp, Aaron and their kids have moved back in with Teff, Joe, and Ryan. Full house there, which is part of the reason Joe needs to move out, and as soon as Ryan can, he'll be moving out too. After all, Aaron (family sim) wants another kid, though he'll get one by adoption this time around.

~ ~ ~

"Great, THIS is my escort at the wedding? I'm not even a bridesmaid! It's not funny, Thunder!"

I'm pretty sure that's one of the animals thinking about Terecito, though the thought of sentient Chef salad is pretty amusing too.

If only Thunder were talking about something besides trains! I could've really had him go on about anything else.

Whoa, where'd the ugly poster on the wall come from? I've gotta move that thing upstairs.

~ ~ ~

And now, the wedding! There's a reason nobody except the happy couple are in formalwear. Nobody changed clothes! They showed up in outerwear (it's wintertime in 3WP right now) and never changed. Must've been cold in Black Oak Hall. So I wrote in that it was a very informal wedding.

"Hey, Ms. Amber! Lookin' good!"

I also made it just a small family affair for a couple of reasons. One, the "inviting over" is up to 8 sims, which is OK, I could've invited more individually if I'd wanted. But also, Amber and Storm would likely want it to be just a close circle of family and friends. The Alvarados make up the bulk of the guest list, with Ray and Eric as the remaining heroes from the old heroing days in Paragon City. Of course, some folks might see their non-invitation as a snub...

Eric has 2 bolts for Amber. >_>; Note the crowd around the booze bottle. They ignored most everything else. I used maxmotives to keep potty emergencies from starting.

Partway through the party, Ter started fuming, which was unusual. I didn't catch what he was mad about because he was thinking about 2 things at once.

"Why do you kiss so much? Kissing's icky. Do you actually like it? Slobbering all over each other's faces and stuff?"
"Laine, just let 'em be, okay?"

Laine is a lot more curious about this stuff than Terecito ever was.

I'd asked iceraptoress to come up with Amber's vows, and she also graciously designed & created Black Oak Hall, based on a building from her own experience. She also recolored some CC for Storm and Amber to wear, which turned out really nice. :) Storm's vows weren't written until the night before posting the installment, heh. ^_^

There's also a caretaker there, who will live permanently at Black Oak Hall to keep the stuff on-site and clean up and so on. we don't see the caretaker in any pix, she's not important.

I confess, when it came time for the wedding, I used moveobjects to get all the guests where they were supposed to be. I hate waiting for them all to take their sweet time (as madame_ugly puts it) to get to the event. The caretaker played with the DJ booth.

Boy, did I take a ton of pix of the wedding, and used only a fraction of them. Partway through I realized I could put the walls all the way up to the 2nd floor, which looked a lot nicer. Some of the photos had visible sky, though. I fixed those in PSP afterwards (really basic "replace sky blue with brown" stuff). The hall is gorgeous, I have to say.

Then, partway through the ceremony, Ter did the "FURIOUS FLAMES OF HATE" again. I really don't think it's about Storm (I hope...); just that he was angry about someone, while thinking about Storm at almost the same time, and there was some overlap. Made for an interesting teaser pic, though. "How can you abandon me, my son?! How DARE you go off with a woman and make babies, while I've still got a bunch of kids and no job?" I dunno, Ter's just weird sometimes.

Then, right after the kiss, everyone trooped up to the dais to tell dirty jokes to Amber (!!!) and congratulate Storm and play red hands with him.
"So, you're going to go on the honeymoon now, huh?"
"Are you kidding, Dad? I'm in my mid-twenties and I've waited this long, but I can barely wait for you guys to get out of here!"

(somewhat later)
"Dad, I'll give you lots of grandkids, don't worry."
"Why, thanks, Storm!"

I really wanted to use this next series, but just couldn't fit them into the story, sad to say. If Amber had already talked with Eric during the pre-wedding reception, she would've expressed, among other things, her condolences for Vicky's passing. So she wouldn't have brought it up here right after the ceremony. On the other hand, nothing else really lent itself to her expression.

First, they face each other, nervously; perhaps the unspoken thoughts, that if Eric had just moved a little faster, things would be different?

She tries to let him down gently, and obliquely since her husband is right behind her.

Still, Eric seems to be okay with the situation. "I'm all right, you know me, I just keep rolling along."

Then Amber and Storm (the wedding party is still on, btw) went to use the hot tub and get busy. I love taking screencaps during cutscenes, I just wish I could get more than one pic! There were so many good expressions during this. On the other hand, there was the weird bit where Eric came out during their woohoo, changed into trunks, and, er, watched the end of the show. There's a lot of unrequited love going around the mountains this year, I guess. (He left before they realized he was there.)

Note this - while the lovebirds are in the pool, Laine is jumping on the bed!

After the tub woohoo, though, there was no lullaby. So I sent them inside to test out the bed. Naturally, this means everyone wanders in, including Matt Rennis and some welcome wagon people (jeez). "Hi, don't mind me, keep up the good work!"

(Meanwhile, Eric, Ray and Molly - who's another redhead, which is one of Ray's turnons - all got in the tub for a bit. Ray must be thinking this is the redhead capital of the world.)

"Dad? Are Storm and Amber - "
"Don't look, okay, Laine?"

Laine can't help himself. "So, are you two reading comic books under there?"

I realized what happened, too. There's a stereo in the main bedroom, and so everyone came up to listen to the default salsa music (man, I hate that station) and show off their geeky moves. And Lightning changed into formalwear. Well, better late than never, I guess.

"Mr. Serling? Storm and Amber were tellin' secrets under the covers!"
"Uh, that's right, Laine. That's exactly what they were doing."

This time there was a lullaby. Then the limo showed up, but because of all the people wandering around, it took so long for Storm and Amber to get down to the mailbox that the limo left! First time I've ever seen that happen. Still, they had a roof-raiser of a party, so that's what counts.

I familyfunded the Wilders to reflect Amber bringing some money to the marriage, and they bought a nice little house not far from the Alvarados, only upwind. Soon there'll be littel Wilders running around, and no I won't name one "Van". ;) I'm very interested in seeing how the kids turn out - there's quite a genetic mix between the parents.

I could've used this pic (it's from the intro "we just moved in" cutscene) if Amber wasn't either doubled over or talking about the world. I just can't think what she'd be saying while in that position. I think they were telling jokes, but I'm not sure.

So now Amber is pregnant, and I really, really hope at least one of their kids turns out to have yellow skin, rainbow eyes and red hair, because that would be just too cool for words. XD



( 10 comments — Leave a comment )
Jun. 15th, 2007 01:10 pm (UTC)
*snort* Hilarious.

So, if the kid has the yellow skin will they also have the red markings?

Jun. 16th, 2007 03:50 am (UTC)
Thank you!

And: Nope - the red markings are costume makeup.
Jun. 15th, 2007 05:52 pm (UTC)
I love the wedding hall. It's really beautiful.
Jun. 16th, 2007 03:50 am (UTC)
Credit must go to iceraptoress for the hall. I'm sure we'll see more of it soon. :)
Jun. 15th, 2007 10:35 pm (UTC)
Hee hee! This was all quite funny and cute. ^_^ I do wonder who Terecito is so furious with... I suppose next time you can check his relationship scores and see if anyone is in the red.

On the other hand, there was the weird bit where Eric came out during their woohoo, changed into trunks, and, er, watched the end of the show.

Way to be truly disturbing, Eric! :D Of course, he wasn't the only one, but still... I have to laugh about Laine, getting the education his father's not likely to give him. ^_^

Joe and Stephanie - LOL

Well, Amber's skintone will probably be dominant over Storm's and the rainbow eyes will be dominant over her default blue... so really the only question is whether the red hair will win out over the blonde or not, because aren't they equally recessive, or something like that? And, of course, there's always Nexxia's genetics lurking around in there too...

Storm seems to have a lot of Doc in his features, from what I recall of him. Or am I remembering wrong? I should go find a picture...

Jun. 16th, 2007 03:54 am (UTC)
Laine is way more interested, even as a kid, in the mysteries of human relations. Not pervy-interested, just curious as to why people seem to like this stuff. If he turns into a Family or Romance teen I will not be surprised.

Amber's got the dominant skintone, Storm's got the rainbow eyes. Last I knew, he had a custom recessive hair and eye and skintone; but - and this is important - I may have lost one or more of these during this year's CC purges. O__O so he's not as genetically diverse as I had thought, unless I go poking around and figure out what's missing and where I can find it. I think I still have Skye as a cloned sim, so I should be able to look and see what's left, and go from there.

Storm does have a lot of Doc's features, but also some of the Manho's. The nose is a blend of both (his mom Skye took heavily after her dad Doc) but I think those are Doc's cheekbones... yeah, reviewing the older stuff is probably a good idea. ^^;;
Jun. 17th, 2007 04:55 pm (UTC)
This was very funny.

If you're really wanting that kid you could always save it right before she gives birth. That way you could go back in and get a different genetic mix... I would. :P Of course it depends how many kids they'll have.

Loved the house. Do you have Celabrate or Glamour stuff packs? I think that fireplace is from one of them (I saw it on the box of one of them but I don't have the packs)

I loved how all the wall paper in the houses look very retro. :P
Jun. 17th, 2007 10:02 pm (UTC)
Hee! I think Amber's got the "3 kids from college" want. I know from experience that too many and I get bored with the family. ^^;; But I know they'll get the "have 10 kids" want too...

Nope, I don't have Celebration or any of the Stuff packs, but iceraptoress boxed up the whole house, so some of the items might be from there.

I love the hall! But then, I love all of IR's sets. :D
Jun. 22nd, 2007 01:01 pm (UTC)
What a bunch of nosy parkers, peeking at the newlyweds... not to mention precocious kids. And Amber looks a bit miffed that Laine is staring. (I'm going to remember the radio if I ever need witnesses to woohoo.)

I think Della looks good with some lippie on. It helps to balance out her hot orange eyes.

You know you can replace the music on the salsa station, or any of them for that matter. I keep meaning to do that myself. I want to replace the metal station, too -- I never let my sims listen to it.

I really like the sequence between Eric and Amber. If Amber had already talked with Eric during the pre-wedding reception, she would've expressed, among other things, her condolences for Vicky's passing. So she wouldn't have brought it up here right after the ceremony. True. But what if he'd mentioned Vicky just then, and got a bit choked up? That would provide motivation for Amber's sympathy. Ah well -- it works as a might-have-been conversation, too. It still adds to your characters.

Can't wait to see Storm and Amber's child! *crosses fingers for red hair*
Jun. 22nd, 2007 10:28 pm (UTC)
I strongly suspect it was the radio that did it. There really wasn't any other reason to be up there - the bathrooms are downstairs, and there's nothing else in that room!

I think Laine's just inquisitive. He doesn't seem to have figured out exactly what love and romance are all about. ^_~

I like Della with lipstick too. It does help her look. But I think she'll have to stick to dark lipsticks - bright ones look strange with her skintone.

Yeah, I never get around to replacing the stations. I try to remember to set them to college rock (still my favorite) and it drives me buggy that it's always salsa on first starting up. I should just copy the college rock stuff to the salsa station. ;)

I'm hoping for red hair, too - that should be an interesting kid, you betcha. :D
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