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CoH Sims: Like Father, Like Son

Warnings: Pixelated sims, below the cut and in the links!

There must be something in that mutant bloodline... so, Ramon Jeffries had a brief teenage naked phase, and then Ray freaked out a grown-up Ramon and Ramon's teen son Lightning with the same thing. So I checked in on Alan Jeffries in the photoshoot lot, because I needed to relocate him, and...

Let's see, it's post-Seasons install, and once again, there's a naked Jeffries on the loose! In this case, we're in the photoshoot neighborhood, so Khalid Jeffries (Alan and Ramon's brother) is still alive and about. On the other hand, Khalid never reacted well to Alan's exhibitionism in the photoshoot exchange...

"Hm, wow, it's a gorgeous day. Some pollen in the air, though."

"Think I'll just air-dry after my shower. Not like anyone's around to see. Well, there's Khalid, but he doesn't count."

"Hey, Khalid, you mind if I sit here? I'm dry enough."

"Oh, for - Alan, I can't concentrate when you're like this!"

"Well, you won't see me much longer, I'm moving out."

"Yeah, I'm needed at the 'Immortal meeting place' lot for the next installment."
"Ah. Could you hold that newspaper a little lower?"

"Khalid, I know you're envious - "
"Of you? Hardly. All us Jeffries males are really, really ridiculously good-looking."
"No, not that. Of the fact you're no longer in the storyline."
"GAH! Hold that paper in your lap, will you?"

"Alan, you have no shame, do you? You're doing this on purpose now."
"It's only for another minute or so."
"And I am not envious of no longer being in the storyline. I'm hardly forgotten. People keep mentioning my death."

"I know, but mentions aren't the same as appearances. And you've got a few fics, but really, you're completely out of the story now, and I just want to say - "
"That you're an exhibitionist?"

"No, that it's a shame, and we do miss you, you know. Especially Dad."
"Well, one of you could've paid to have me brought back. I'm sure you could've figured out some way of doing it without damning yourselves."
"Jeremy can't resurrect the extremely-long-dead, which is what you are by this time. You know that. Hey, my taxi's here. Brotherly hug?"
"Good Lord, not unless you get some clothes on. You might be my brother, and we might be close, but not that close. Besides, I'm sure I'll see you around here again soon."

...And so Alan went to the taxi, but he did get dressed at the last minute. I'd hoped he'd get into the taxi without a stitch on, but no such luck. ^_^

We don't have many other Jeffries in Three Wolf Peak right now, but who's to say one or more of them don't follow in these bare footsteps? ^_~

~ ~ ~

While looking up the old links, I re-discovered the Jeffries kids' ages. Of the three brothers - Ramon, Khalid, and Alan - that we've regularly seen, Alan is actually the oldest; he went to college early on (and then was forgotten for a long time, leading to Khalid going from child to adult while Alan pursued higher education and Erica Serling). Ramon is next, and Khalid was actually the "baby brother" of the three (there was at least one brother after him, though, back in the Outskirts - James).

So by all rights, Alan should be in his early 40s in 3WP, since I've posited Ramon's age as mid-30s.
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