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Tellerman Legacy: Notes & Outtakes from "Curse of the..."

So here was my initial reaction to Vega and George's demise:

Ohemgee! Crap!

But let's begin at the beginning, shall we?

I'm happy to report that the portraits from Uni successfully came to the house undamaged. You can see some of them in the final pix of the installment.

Vega's LTW was Mad Scientist; she was also a Family sim. She came by Mad Scientist honestly, since Ratna and Antares were also mad scientists. This led to an interesting juxtaposition of wants. She got the "have 10 kids" want after the twins, for instance, but also badge and skill wants. In the manner of some Family sims, once the kids were born she wasn't much interested in them, but was interested in having more kids.

George's LTW was Chief of Staff, and he's a Money sim. Every day for his entire (if short) adult life, he checked the computer for the Medical job. Every day, it didn't show up. Not once. So I wrote that into the story that George somehow never got a job and basically went unfulfilled. I kept his mood up with strategic purchases and skilling, but he constantly worried, since he wasn't achieving his Money desires.

On the other hand, once he'd maxed all his skills and had some free time from caring for the kids, I put George on the flower station. He made five snapdragon bouquets before his untimely death. That's pretty good, since I can take a couple to college and leave the rest at the house!

Antares, meanwhile, caught Sexy Senior Citizen Syndrome. He frequently, spontaneously checked himself out in the mirror.

The new clothes helped, too (much better than his old-geezer duds!).

George butt-dusted people's plates on a regular basis. I'm amazed things weren't worse between him and the family.

Oh, and then Ratna began checking himself out, too.

Here's the current family tree, taken when the kids were still little. Phear my cut-n-paste skillz!

Antares did almost all the gardening and has the gold badge. They now also have a lemon and orange tree. Ratna caught a ton of fish. They haven't bought groceries in ages. I don't even bother doing anything fancy, they just eat sparkly food all the time. ;) And wow, is it great for the kids to just get leftovers. This family eats leftovers constantly.

One theme I tried to do here (which was probably too subtle for anyone to notice) is how sterile the walls are. The previous Tellerman household was covered up in expensive artwork, hanging plants, etc. Here, there is nothing but wall. It was meant to show the Tellermans' isolation and lack of contact with the outside world. But again, I think nobody noticed. ^_~

There was a fire once, and y'know, if the firefighter were a teenager who could go to college... food for thought, in case I desperately need a female spouse in future (which might happen).

Ratna, I might add, was incredibly cool. He autonomously tried to put out the fire! He'd round up compostable material all on his own! And he loved cleaning so much that he had the bubble effect. Ratna was the coolest dormie to marry in, ever.

George did once tuck Kessa in, right before she got up to go to school. She was sleeping in the room my son helped me decorate, so it has the race-car theme bed, wallpaper, rug, etc. (Throughout the playsession, he wanted to look at "his" room, and would ask "Who's sleeping in my bed?" when a Sim was in it.)

Now, for the title. I'd picked the title for Gail's last movie - Curse of the Peekaboo Death Panties - two Tellerman installments previously. I was surprised about the disparity between her and Ratna's deaths. They were the same age, since she'd graduated, invited him over, and proposed "move in" all on the same day, and thus they were both 76 days when Gail died. Yet although Gail died, Ratna's life clock reset by an entire week. He ended up living 83 days, according to his life bar, which I think sets a new record for any sim of mine, playable or Maxis-made.

My daughter named Kessa (who is the baby sister of a friend of hers). I picked the boys' names. I'm as surprised as anyone that the boys were light-skinned. They all have George's eyes, though, which doesn't surprise me. I also liked that the kids all had different hairstyles from the beginning – I didn't adjust them in any way.

Originally I'd planned to just have one kid, Kessa, but then I worried her nose wouldn't be as impressive as previous generations'. So George and Vega tried again and had twins. Now I have plenty to choose from. ;) It looks like the boys got the Tellerman beak and Kessa has George's nose. (For some reason, Kessa and Kyle dislike Keith.)

"Uh, honey, how come you became a workaholic?"

I attribute Vega's somewhat grim nature in this installment to a combination of factors. First, there's been a war since since she was a teenager, and she probably considered herself lucky her husband wasn't involved in it. Second, her brother disappeared right at graduation - whether he was nutso, or serious about going off with aliens, her twin vanished off the face of the earth without saying goodbye. Third, her father's mental health is best described as "delicate". Her grandma is a sexploitation queen. And Vega herself doesn't like the bad news from the world beyond. She probably thought she was doing her family a favor by isolating them - the "head in the sand" approach. If they didn't know about the bad things, they couldn't get depressed by them. And maybe, out there in the country, they would be safer from the bad things.

~ ~ ~

Kessa was the "demon child" of Seasons legend, and this is after the patch, too. Keith was quiet and tractable, Kyle somewhere in the middle. The twins were kept in the "mother in law" apartment at the other end of the house, partly because it was the only place with any room.

I really should've had Ratna choose his mad scientist outfit as his everyday. That would've been cool to see him haunting like that. Now he's in his color-blind coordinates. Well, that's hindsight for you. ;)

To be honest, at first I didn't know what had happened. George was out fishing, Antares was cooking dinner, the kids were skilling, and Vega had wandered off somewhere. She was very close to her LTW, had finally gotten all the skills and friends over the long weekend, and so I figured she'd hit her LTW, retire and take up flowers/fishing/gardening.

Then the popup window hit, and I wondered what it was. I couldn't think of anything (she got fit? She's already fit. Ghost scare?). Then I realized her icon had disappeared from the sidebar. I paused and saw what had happened – I can only guess that Gail scared the pee out of her and killed her while Vega was admiring the portraits.

I told George to stop fishing and go rescue his wife – I have my own rules about deaths of legacy heirs, namely, if you can't fight the reaper on it, they don't come back. George got in there but couldn't do anything about her death. Well, at least they had their three kids already...

I tried to have George move forward a bit so I could get a screencap of him, and he threw a minor tantrum, and then Gail's ghost showed up and scared the life out of him. Dayamn!

This marks my first killer ghost, by the way. My ghosts have previously scared people, but never killed anyone.

Keith managed to run in just in time to see the Reaper and (presumably) his parents' corpses. Wow. I foresee lots of therapy in his future.

This is where I saved the game, so next time I go in to that 'hood to play, I have to make sure everyone survives the night of Gail's rampage. As we've seen, she can go up stairs, so there's no safety there.

That leaves Antares, who probably has a good 8-10 days left, and the three kids. Kessa is 3-4 days away from teenhood, and the boys 3-4 days after that. Since I don't have to pick the heir until college, I have some time... but I also need to send them all off to college at once, probably, just to get through school in one go. Antares will be awfully close to the end of his lifespan. I may give him a dose or two of elixir or life just to keep him hanging on until the heir returns from college.

This does mean Gen 6 faces a fairly empty house post-college: Antares (who won't be around long) and the heir and the heir's spouse, until kids show up. That'll be a change of pace, certainly – most of my legacies end up with multiple generations in the house and waiting for an elder to die to make room for the next generation. No risk of that here. >_>;

Now, for some oddities. At one point a penguin walked into the house. I grabbed the screencap, alt-tabbed out to save it in the paint program, alt-tabbed back in, and the penguin was gone. No sign of it anywhere. I debated having it be a figment of Antares' imagination, but decided he was described as kooky enough already.

So now, the Tellermans get the orphan scholarship (!) and I just have to make sure they survive long enough to go to college and find the heir's future spouse. Considering they can't currently take the urns to the community graveyard, I may have to isolate them in the middle of the fishpond. One killer ghost and three possible others (remember, Ratna's urn is here too) makes for a potentially dicey situation.

And now, here's the photo-retrospective of the Tellermans, halfway through their Legacy:
Longtime readers may remember that Sebastian started life as a Maxis orphan in CoH Sims, which means he's the rare legacy founder who didn't come out of CAS!

Generation 1 Founder: Sebastian Tellerman

Gen. 1 Spouse: Zephyra

Gen. 2 Heir: Swithin

Gen. 2 Spouse: Linda

Gen. 3 Heir: Gail

Gen. 3 Spouse: Ratna Thayer

Gen. 4 Heir: Antares

Gen. 4 "Spouse": Male Pollination Tech

Gen. 5 Heir: Vega

Gen. 5 Spouse: George McCarthy

And, of course, none of the kids are even to teenhood yet, so it'll be a while before we see who's the Gen 6 heir. ^_^
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