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CoH Sims: Production Notes for Second Hand Emotions

Production notes and outtakes from CoH Sims Season Two: Second Hand Emotions.

I'd had this installment's theme in mind for some time, and spent a week working on the actual pacing and writing. There were a few scenes or scenelets I discarded. I wasn't entirely happy with "R.V. Conrow"'s text - "Does s/he sound professional/real enough?" But it seems to have come out OK. ^_^

"Ma'am, I've got the manager here. You've had enough to drink, we're going to call you a cab."

(That's the town elderly drunk, btw, at the table. When she walks past houses, she looks three sheets to the wind.)

During the meet at the bar - which actually was an outing, I think (heh) - Ramon did a complete B&M about something. Maybe Ray, I don't know. It was interesting to see him get all PO'd, but I could only use a few of the shots.

Hey, wait! Aaron, how could you! Well, it's okay to look at the menu, I suppose, just eat at home.

Micah then went home, and I decided it was time for him to get a wardrobe makeover, too (the work clothes were his "everyday" at the time). Ripp and Aaron Marlin happened by. Maxis, would it be too much trouble to let sims walk side by side, maybe holding hands? Huh?

Hm, interesting stuff on the bookshelf. Micah and Leonid live here, or are parked here most of the time. Larry lives somewhere else; he's still a townie.

So is Keirantha, actually. But somehow she was in either Leonid or Micah's contact list, so I tried inviting her over, for either a scene or at least a screencap. (We only actually see her in the teaser pic.) Nope, she was... heck if I know, but apparently she has a job. Someone made food and Ripp told Micah all about Ramon's first time with a guy leading to pregnancy. (Well, I don't think he said that...)

Hey, even Aria dropped by! "Yes, I'm a bit worried I'll be trapped into the supportive yet long-suffering girlfriend role..."

It's an installment full of autonomous smeerps, it appears.

Kierantha finally shows up and I get some screencaps. But I didn't realize until assembling the teaser pic that she and Aria do have a superficial resemblance. They're both redheads with green eyes and similar hairstyles. Since Kierantha uses glamor to hide her true nature, it's easy to see how people would mistake her for Aria.

~ ~ ~

Lightning actually went on a date with Deadra (whose name I completely forgot for the longest time, and without SimPE, I didn't know what I'd do, and finally while doing the writeup I remembered her name). He had a pretty good date with her, including telling dirty jokes.
"That robot had, like, too much junk in the trunk!"

Then, right after the date ended, Aria showed up! So I had him go talk to her, to use this bit of good fortune. Aria doesn't much care for him, though. She disagreed with him on a lot of things. >_>;
"Sorry, I don't talk to little boys."

Lightning autonomously checks himself out.

Ray greets Aria...

And they start talking, as Ramon passes by (after exercising) and giving Aria the look of death.

After doing our fairly depressing scene with Ray, they all go inside, and Ray and Aria slow-dance. From now on, Ray will be without shades, I think. Which means one of them - Ray or Ramon - probably should get a new hairstyle to keep them easily recognizable.

While Aria was there, they had some food, and I had a funny joke about Ramon's speech bubble, but I forget it now.

Neatnik Micah faces off against Jeffries slobbism. "Great Spirit Above, could you keep it restricted to your own side of the table?!"

Cinder Scarboro keeps showing up at restaurants and scaring people. I debated Ramon wondering about why she was watching them, but figured it was too hard to keep it in with the narrative flow. Besides, I'd already had continuity problems with the plates. ;)

After the date, spontaneous smooching...

And Micah, at least, is completely and utterly smitten. (Note there are no hearts of any kind appearing around Ramon this whole time.)

Then Micah went home to do the Jeremy part of the shoot. I got so lucky with this, they just autonomously posed perfectly for what I had in mind. I got the pix done in no time.
At home, Micah's contact list. He knows an amazing number of sims. I have no idea how he managed this, considering he started life as a townie and was then made playable. But what gets me here is how Ray and Lightning have identical expressions. I know there are only so many "thumbnail" expressions, but I still thought it was neat.

Meanwhile, Micah's wants/fears panel. Yes, there's three locks. As a townie, Micah only had four wants, but since I'd decided he went to college, I cheated to give him the full graduation set of wants. Of course that meant want locks. I got carried away and gave him three by accident. ^^;; But hey, I'm keeping them. Why? Well, look! He's got two woohoo wants and a "get engaged" want. He's the most family-oriented knowledge sim I've ever had.

Jeremy went to read the paper, and Micah got all sulky for some reason (late night?) and lay down on the couch and wouldn't move. Meanwhile Ramon came by, dropped off the roses for the dream date,

and invited himself inside. Micah is normally very agreeable, I don't know why he's making the cat-butt face, but man, he just got cranky all of a sudden.

I made Micah get up, and then Ramon gave him a big ol' smoochy greeting.

And Micah looks at Leonid with a big ol' smug "Told you he liked me" smirk.

I'm still not happy with how the photos are coming out. They were a lot crisper in PSP7. So I might go back to PSP7 for the duration, until I can figure out how to make them look nice in PSPX.
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