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Actually spent a whole hour on laundry and housecleaning so far. This is significant because it meant I didn't get distracted by kids or anything.

Might try to tackle the kitchen next - the counters are littered with stuff around the rest of the place, and the stove could use some work... plus maybe run the dishwasher, we'll see...

K wants a strawberry cake very badly. It's all she talks about. This makes cake kind of an awkward thing, since I'd love some too... but I'm trying to be good carb-wise. Debating doing the andrew_jp_reyes thing and posting my weekly weight here...

Have been headachy for over 24 hours now due to weather. I wish it would just rain already! Yesterday after CoH (yes, I played a little bit before bed) I just kinda emotionally crashed... felt very down and lonely and wanting to cry myself to sleep. But I didn't feel that way this morning, so I guess it was just a mood.

When kids go to nap, will try for shower and then either writing or some of my leftover yesterday list.

Really want to get into a BIG needlework project, but, like, I've already got one in process... so I've got to just plug away at that before I pick up another big one. (For reference, it's 14x14.5", about 12 stitches to the inch, which makes... um... [where's the calculator...] 168 x 174 stitches... which is... 29,232 stitches if I did the math right (not guaranteed!). Someone let me know if I did it wrong.

So, like, it's a big project. Since I do these by color and not in straight lines, I really don't know how many stitches I've done so far.

Anyway. Hungry now, so will try to eat something and get back to work.
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