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CoH Sims: Production Notes for O&G and Got Regrets

Production notes and outtakes from An Officer and a Gentleman and Got Regrets?.

Jeffries house:
Originally I'd intended for Lightning to be dressed appropriately for winter, but it seems sims just wander outside sometimes without outerwear. Go figure. Then while he was reclining in the chair, I used the black box for "Worry" and he didn't stand up like sims usually do. Nice touch, even if completely by accident. :)

All three Jeffries got sick on Friday evening (their time) with flu. Fortunately, Ray doesn't work, so he just stayed home; Lightning stayed indoors as well; and Ramon had the weekend off. So all of them could afford to isolate themselves from society and keep the flu from spreading. I don't know where they got it, or if they'd already spread it around, so I'm expecting other sims to get sick too. Actually, the pic where Ramon says "Why are you still punishing me?" - he's partway through coughing his lungs out.

At least one of them got better by the end of the session, which is nice.

Marlin/Teflin house:
Nobody commented on the truck's license plate. To be honest, I didn't notice it myself until I put the installment together. :D

I sent Eric down to the community store to buy new outerwear for everyone in the Marlin/Teflin house. (I moved him to that house for the photoshoot - way easier to control responses.) As usual, everyone in town has the exact same outerwear that Maxis provides - that raggedy jacket with the purple sweater/shirt underneath. Yuck. So while he's there, his granddaughter Brigid is also browsing for clothes, and also Lightning Jeffries.

"Ew. No, no, no. Completely gross."

This is the girl that went out with Lightning (which we haven't seen or had it referenced at all in-story - it was a way to drain extra cash out of the household, having him go on a date, and it helped bring his mood up too). I forget her name but they've got 2-3 bolts.

She likes 'im, all right. In the background, Terecito models a trenchcoat that, I dunno, it just doesn't look right on him. I need to figure out some other outerwear for him. (I do have the "use certain Maxis heavy everyday clothes as outerwear" hack.)

Teff's wants revolve around Eric right now, so it's no big surprise that he smiles at Mr. Serling and sprays hearts for him and stuff. He's not actually in love with Eric (yet), but I expect any day now to see a spontaneous flirt or something that'll trigger both of them to Fall In Love and thus fulfill major wants. Teff has two bolts for Eric, I might add.

"Love me? Please?"

"Jeez, I dunno, Teff, I think everyone would completely freak out... and if your husband came back... but give me a call in ten and a half months, k?"

Part of me was ready to have Molly and Ryan just go to a justice of the peace, but I realized they're both low in their career paths, and they have practically nothing of their own. They can't afford to get married. Ryan in particular would want to get his own house if he gets married, not keep living with relatives. So they need some more cash first.

"Honey, I can't while the dog's howling at us. it's just weird."

Molly and Ryan's part was actually done after the "got regrets" bit, but I wanted the big dramatic piece to come second in the sequence.

Alvarado house:
Originally I'd planned for a sadder (!) meeting between Eric and Amber. Eric would've come over, seen Amber was there, struck up a conversation, and then noticed - dun dun DAH - the ring on her finger. Awkward moment ensues as Amber realizes that the man she liked years ago is still young and hale today, and now available, but she's already engaged to Storm. Of course Amber wouldn't go back on her word to her fiance, so it would've been a very sad encounter for both her and Eric. Wow.

So that was the plan. I went to the Alvarado lot and Amber was still there after their date. Storm invited Eric over, but then Amber went home. Storm tried to call Amber but got her answering machine. Then just before Eric got there, Amber came with the Dream Date bouquet of roses that sims automatically drop off. A little creative camera editing and I got the scene that was actually used. By the way, Eric is behind Amber in the "where should I put the roses" pic. Not that you can tell, which is the point! ^_^

Amber then went up to the front porch, but instead of dropping off the roses, she turned around and stomped off the lot, looking rather grumpy. Maybe she realized Eric was there after all. And she took the roses with her!

By the way, puddles of dog pee that were there before installation of the "yellow pee" hack stay blue.

This picture just cracks me up completely. I love the girl's expression. XD

Aaron and Ripp house:
Aaron is just about to hit "fat", which is awkward as supposedly money's been super tight over there and he probably would actually be losing weight. But that household is honestly incredibly poor. At one point they were down to $63 in the bank and no food in the fridge. They sold off extra chairs and everything not utterly necessary for basic welfare and whatever skills they needed at the time. Ripp got a promotion (which became "I got a bonus" in the story) but they still had to pay off bills and then buy new childcare stuff like training toilets and the like. So they still have no money. They really can't afford a maid *or* a nanny *or* a gardener because they'll end up getting stuff repo'd. Their money troubles are genuine, so they may very well move back in with Teff whether Ripp likes it or not. (You want to know how Ripp's "bonus" really came about, right?)

I was going to use this pic and then have the kids crying and their one moment of intimacy interrupted, but decided it wasn't necessary to the plot. Besides, they didn't need the kids - Aaron's health is an honest, constant wreck. Right after this he went to sleep again.

Completely random notes:
I've figured out how to clear out the adoption pool. I mean, I seeded all those toddlers and haven't used 'em. Well, they're gonna start coming back out. If nothing else, a bunch of teens will be going to college soon out of Ter's house, and that'll just leave Laine. Plus some other households will take toddlers. Looking forward to seeing who gets who! :D

Taxi driver! A new 3WP NPC! Possibly the most Maxian-looking of the bunch so far. His hands look strange.
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