Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Ivan, mailpost, and more

Well, now Hurricane Ivan is a potential threat, as (last I heard) it was a Cat-5 and could potentially follow either Charley or Frances in its track up Florida. So we'll see what happens. :/

Most gas stations are still boarded up - no gas. Walmart, however, had it at $1.78/gal, no rationing, as much as you want, and short lines. I tanked up the minivan (about half a tank). Went shopping with the kids and Great-Gram (my grandmother, kids' great-grandmother, obviously) and restocked canned goods and Parmalat nonrefrigerated milk and stuff like that. We're all kind of reluctant to buy meat or produce that can't keep on its own, for obvious reasons. Also bought a gross of soda cans (yes, you read that right) which on top of the few dozen in the garage and outer fridge, should keep Toly in soda for about a week. I'm only partly joking...

(Actually, we buy the Winn Dixie "Chek" house brand of diet soda because it's actually pretty good and it's really cheap, like $2 per 12pack, which is hard for anyone anywhere else to match. When you have a soda monster in the house, this becomes important. At least he only drinks diet soda...)

Got the first coat of black paint on the mailpost today after the kids went to sleep, but it's threatening rain outside now... so I may have to do another coat later. Sitting there painting the mailpost is actually very relaxing, and it lets me think about the truth behind the dignity and nobility of honest work. I come from a line of carpenters, boatmen, and others who worked with their hands, who produced things. And no, that's not to say that mercantile and service industries aren't work either. But when I'm able to build or produce something with my own hands, there's a real feeling of pride involved. It doesn't have to be a work of art - I mean, I'm painting a mailbox post black - but it's still something tangible that I did, and if I did a good job, then that's even better. It's kind of hard to explain, and I imagine there are those who will read this and go "wtf is she talking about?" Although I'm hoping at least a few of you who read this are nodding your heads and saying "Yes, that's true, I know what she means." ;)

I suspect the above part, about working with my hands, explains why I used to paint miniatures, why I used to do latch hooks and rugs, why I want to learn to sew, why I do cross stitch and needlepoint, why I cook, and so on. I think I have a very strong drive to create, and this is the result.

On the food front, managed to avoid cake so far, but it can be hard sometimes.

My folks are super-appreciative of me taking Gram with us (me + kids) every morning on errands and stuff, because otherwise Gram would either be all alone at the folks' house or having to come in to my folks' workplace for company. We don't know when she'll be able to return home - with Ivan coming, nobody knows if it would be better to stay here or not. As far as we can tell, she has no power at her house anyway, so there's not much point in returning yet...

Had to put a "please hold mail at post office for pickup" notice in since the mail carrier will not deliver mail to us until we get a mailbox back up. (Agh)

There's a post about RPGs that I want to make, but that'll come later. There's some thunder going on outside and I want to get this posted, at least, just in case we lose power. ^_^
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