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CoH Sims Season Two: All the Links to All the Posts

Links to installments, production notes, and other relevants posts dealing with CoH Sims. Links to Season One posts can be found here.

Season Two takes place after the Endgame saga in Season One. Season Two takes place in a new neighborhood with some new faces in addition to the old, and about a year after Season One ends.

Wish You Were Here. Terecito and his family move to Three Wolf Peak. They're not the first ones there, but they're possibly the largest, noisiest and smelliest household.

The Best Laid Plans. Aaron and Ripp Marlin settle in to start their new lives together in Three Wolf Peak, but life gets in the way while plans are made.
Production notes/outtakes for The Best Laid Plans

Snips and Snails and Jeffries Males. Alan and Erica Jeffries and their toddlers, who grow up, but then Alan gets the idea to have a kid without any of Erica's weird genetics...
PN/O for Snips and Snails

Ghosts of the Past. Ray Jeffries, Immortal, and his son Ramon, both with their ghosts and emotional baggage. Will things change soon?
PN/O for Ghosts of the Past

The Greatest Entrepreneur in the History of the Universe. Jeremy Dumont: Immortal; man with a checkered past; formerly quite wealthy, before he funded everyone's move to the new town.
PN/O for The Greatest Entrepreneur

East is East and West is West (and the wrong one I have chose). Guy and Teff Marlin and their other son, Joe, and Teff's time-transplanted kid brother Ryan. Can city-boy Guy handle living in rural Montana?

Ghosts of the Mountain. A look at the situation from some of the locals' point of view - some of the odder locals, at least.
PN/O for East is East and Ghosts of the Mountain

Lightning Bolts. Thunder gets a makeover, Storm tries dating again, one of Terecito's old friends shows up, and Lightning runs away from home.
PN/O for Lightning Bolts

Troposphere. Lightning goes to stay with Ray and Ramon Jeffries. Plus minor updates on Aaron and Ripp Marlin, and introductions to several new characters.
PN/O for Troposphere

A Fine Romance. Alan and Erica's family; the Immortals discuss the news brought by Amber; and Teff discovers a terrible, fateful letter.

Ripples. Eric Serling comes to make sure Teff doesn't do anything stupid after A Fine Romance.

Fallout. The Dumonts try to figure out a way to make money; the Alvarados react to Lightning's running away from home; Storm makes a surprise marriage proposal; Denise tries to steal Joe from Stephanie; Ray tentatively returns to the dating scene; Micah tries to improve his friendship with Ramon, while Winthrop casts aspersions on Micah's character.
PN/O for A Fine Romance, Ripples, and Fallout

An Officer and a Gentleman. Ryan an' Molly, sittin' in a tree...

Got Regrets? Bad days for Aaron and Ripp; the green-haired Jeffries men; and Eric Serling.
PN/O for An Officer and a Gentleman and Got Regrets

Second Hand Emotions. Aria and Ray, Micah and Ramon, Lightning and Deadra, and some weirdness.
PN/O for Second Hand Emotions

Season's Meetings. Jeremy Dumont has plans for the Immortals; we learn more about Amber; and the Fae decide to make a move.
PN/O for Season's Meetings

Prison Challenge. Whatever happened to Buck Grunt after his arrest in Season One? Variation on the "Asylum Challenge".

Alliances. It's time for a wedding!

CoH Sims Soundtrack: AGITA. Mostly Ray-centered soundtrack, though there's some Teff in there too.

The Winter of Our Discontent. Updates on the entire neighborhood, with focus on Teff, Ray, Aria, and Storm and Amber.
PN/O for Winter of our Discontent

Here We Go Again! A much more upbeat soundtrack, just chock-full of nifty art.

Family Ties. Covering the Wilders, Alvarados, and Jeffries, and their monetary situations as well. The Wilders have three very different looking kids by the end of it.
PN/O for Family Ties and Here We Go Again!

Go Cougars! Brigid Dumont, Thunder Alvarado and Lightning Jeffries go to college.
PN/O for Go Cougars!

We Can Do It! (More or Less). The Alvarado and Wilder families combine, and they try a happy teen-movie cliche for Laine's sake.
PN/O for We Can Do It!

Tangled. What first looks like a minor event becomes a disaster for certain Jeffries men.

Going Mental. Jeremy and his son Philip go to Seattle on a business trip, but it has bad results for Philip.
PN/O for Tangled and Going Mental

A Paid Political Advertisement. Storm Wilder runs for Congress!

Young Mutants in Love. They grow up so fast, as Alan and Erica's family finds out.
PN/O for Young Mutants in Love

Murder Most Moist. Catching up with the Marlin and Teflin families.
PN/O for Murder Most Moist

Transcripts. Catching up with the college kids, and Philip at mentalist school.
PN/O for Transcripts

The All-Male Bachelor Challenge, Part One. Teff's family decides he's been alone long enough, and sends him to a singles camp.

The All-Male Bachelor Challenge, Part Two. Conclusion of the above. Who does Teff end up with?
Outtakes and notes for the AMBC
More outtakes!

Costume Fun: Immortals
Immortal Mashups (includes some genderswitching)
Three Wolf Peak: The Soundtrack (note: by now the links are dead, so if you want this, you have to leave a comment so I can reupload it)
CAS Fun (includes some genderswitching and checking on genetics)
More Age Reversal
CoH Sims Christmas Card 2006, #1
CoH Sims Christmas Card 2006, #2
More Immortal Mashups (lots of them)
Oops! Unused scene from shortly after Fallout; contains pixelated sim nudity.
Warm Hearts, Cold Regrets: CoH Sims Soundtrack (note: not publicly available)
Like Father, Like Son - what is it about those Jeffries boys walking around in the altogether? Contains pixelated sim nudity.
A Family Tradition? - yet another pixelated sim nudity post about the Jeffries males. I swear, I'm not doing this on purpose!
Random pic - unused pic from after Alliances.
City of Villains: Bon Voyage! Wherein Darkfire and Snow Fury, two characters from my City of Villains group, go to Japan. Yes, just like the Bad News Bears.
From Russia With Love. Photoshoot involving Leonid Piotrevich.
Rogue's Gallery. Very pre-Season One, technically; more City of Villains sims and the weird stuff they get up to.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Family photos/Christmas cards from the CoH Sims gang.
The Rules of Death. On how death works in the CoH/CoH Sims universe, and why some people come back and some don't.
Important! Terecito and Takuya's Spring Break, Part One and Part Two, by iceraptoress. This is canon as far as I'm concerned. It takes place pre-Season One, but explains a lot of things that come up later, and it's pretty and the cute overload is great. (There are outtakes here.)
What If - what if Khalid had been sent into the future at the end of Season One, instead of the past? (Crossover with the Tellerman Legacy)
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