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CoH Fic: Charges

Fandom: City of Heroes
Word Count: 386
Characters: Ray "Heat Lightning" Jeffries (good!Ray for those playing at home), Eric "Boneshatter" Serling; Doc Rayvn; there are others but they're not mentioned by name. ^_^;
Warnings: None
Prompt/request: None; but this is a companion piece to, and takes place a few weeks after, Banked Fires.

Note for CoH Sims readers: This takes place 'way before CoH Sims starts; Ray and Jamie, and Eric and Vicky, aren't married yet. Oh, and Doc Rayvn is Storm's grandfather.

The Envoy of Shadow howled its rage, and lashed out. Boneshatter slammed against the wall and crumpled; then he was on his feet again, shaky but standing.


"On it!" shouted Doc Rayvn, summoning new phantoms from some other plane of existence. The small army they formed attacked the Envoy's minions.

Heat Lightning disliked fighting in caves. His powers worked much better with aerial bombardment, where he was in a position much less likely to receive retaliation. Still, flames shot from his hands toward every enemy in sight, rarely missing, which was good, since friendly fire among the heroes was still fire.

His cell phone rang.

Ray Jeffries was an old hand at talking and fighting at the same time. He glanced down at the number before answering: "Hey, Mom. What's up?" With his free hand, he cast another fireball into the melee.

"Hi, Ray. Are you busy?"

"No, I'm cool, Mom. What's up?" he repeated, noting that someone had caused an ice storm, though he wasn't certain which hero was responsible.

"Well, the insurance statement came in, and we notice you've started therapy."

"Yawhat?" Ray stood still a moment, trying to concentrate both on the battle in front of him and on what he'd just heard. "I'm not in therapy, Mom."

"It says you've attended three sessions in the past four weeks, at a Dr. Inez Lark's office."

"Huh." Ray paused for a moment to step into the air and zoom to the cave ceiling, out of range of the Envoy's ground troops. He wasn't out of range of the daemons that screamed up after him, though. "I haven't seen any doctor outside of the hospital, Mom. I don't need therapy."

"If it's not you, then someone might've stolen your insurance card. Would you look into that when you have the time?"

"Sure, Mom. Not a problem." Ray concentrated, and a field of lightning sprang up around him, giving him some slight protection against the daemons. Down below, he saw Boneshatter launch himself at the Envoy, fists shrouded in darkness. "I kinda have to go, though."

"All right. Take care, sweetie."

"Thanks, Mom. You too." Ray disconnected, inhaled deeply and breathed fire onto the daemons. Geez, therapy. Wonder what jerk stole my ID for that? Still, it'd be bad PR. What hero goes into therapy?
Tags: fiction: city of heroes/villains
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