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Packing list for potential evacuation

Frances could land anywhere. Worse news: The location in Kissimmee where we'd planned to evacuate to would be in the eye of the storm, if it continues on its current trajectory. But staying here at home would put us in the worst part of the storm winds. So maybe we'll have to evacuate across the state to Tampa (3 hr drive).

Packable now:
3 days worth of clothes each for Toly and I
6 days worth of clothes each for kids (because they're more prone to getting dirty from playing/eating)
VCR for kids' videos at hotel?
Canned goods that aren't affected by heat
Craft stuff not immediately being worked on (plus thread, scissors, extra needles)

Packable last-minute:
Toiletries: razor, contact lens stuff, deodorant, combs
Contact lenses/glasses
Kids' favorite videotapes
Computer towers
Toly's flatscreen monitor (maybe)
Cell phone charger
Craft stuff still in progress
Irreplaceable artwork

Other stuff:
Fill gas tank
Buy irradiated milk for kids
Recharge cell phone
- will have to do this again, no doubt
Buy extra diapers/kid pants
Get hardware for the last hurricane shutters to be installed
Write/send newsletter that I forgot on Monday (!!)
Take digipix of everything inside the house and outside, just in case, for insurance purposes

To be updated as time goes on and I get another minute.
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