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CoH/CoV Pix

Doh, almost forgot! Here's some recent CoX pix!

First up... Miss Trixie. She's "Evil Vicky" for those playing at home. On the other hand, her costume isn't that much different from "Good Vicky"'s... ^_~

Getting into fights with villains can be pretty hazardous. You don't get frequent flier miles, no matter how far you're thrown.

And now, today's featured guest: Person Who Hit the Randomizer in the Character Creator. Let's give him(?) a big round of applause, ladies and gentlemen!

Darkfire kisses the carpet. Tainted Shade takes a relaxing stretch on a railing behind him.

With a couple of masterminds and all their associated thugs, robots, etc., it sure gets crazy in these office buildings. Especially when there's only one donut left!

Darkfire's dead again. ^^;; I think it's KageNoKami in front; after that is Kementi am Besek (in Egyptian headgear), Pretty Hatemachine (in silver hair), Tainted Shade? (head obscured by ice blast), and Snow Fury (shooting the ice blast).

Ow! Not just getting thrown against the wall... but hard enough to get a leg driven into it. Ow ow ow!

Now, last night's hero session. Terecito's in this group and he has the Steamy Mist power - okay, make your jokes now, get 'em out of your system ;) - which gives a little stealth and renders people slightly see-through. Just the people, not the clothes. :P Anyway, in this particular mission, the Council troops we were sent to defeat kill arrest had a magical disappearing act... and they later all reappeared at the mission entrance/exit.

Terecito, with Amberfyre about to give some Council troops a taste of fiery justice.

Terecito again, with Blindsidhe (the big elf) and Amberfyre. Blindsidhe (played by Toly) is a Kheldian, a human host for an alien entity. Creatures called Void Stalkers are hunting for Kheldians, and they appear just like normal people. Makes life interesting for Blindsidhe. ^_^
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