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CoH Sims: Immortal Fun

Honest to goodness, I only intended to go into Sims to get a couple quick screencaps...

So, it occurred to me, as I'm trying to get everyone's moods up on the Immortals lot:

- while I can use maxmotives to prevent needs decay, I have no idea how to get everyone's mood up into platinum and keep it there, though I'm sure there's a hack for it; and
- hey, what would some of the kids look like if the Immortals crossbred?

So, with that second one in mind, I used the Tombstone to get Teff pregnant with Ray's child, and Ray pregnant with Eric's child. What the heck, you know? Because Teff obviously makes good kids with Guy, and She-Teff (female Teff) is gorgeous too. Meanwhile, Ray turns out decent kids, as we've seen. Plus I wanted to see if Eric's features passed on "good" or "bad" since Eric's kids with Vicky turned out lumpy (boys) or mannish (girls).

First: Simultaneous labors!

Then came too *&^%^$% much fighting with the game to age up the babies into toddlers. Nothing seemed to work, but I know I've done this before, so somehow I figured it out again. This one is the Ray-Eric child, a girl. (No, I didn't name them. It takes time for me to come up with good names for the kids, and since this was on the spur of the moment, I didn't have any names ready. Plus I like names to "fit".)

I don't know if you remember from last April's "let's genderswitch and/or mess with ages in CAS!" bit, but R-E Girl had Eric's mournful child-face.

Profile, as Ray goes to hand off the other kid to Teff, who got saddled with "age up these kids, will ya?"

R-E Girl, Teen. Not bad!

Profile... we'll get back to her in a minute, but first she's off to the mirror for a makeover.

Teff ages up the second kid: Ray-Teff Girl. Both kids have green eyes. Neither has green hair, for a reason we will understand shortly.

Okay, commence "Awww so kyoooot!" phrases. And the kid's not bad-looking, either! ;)

R-E Girl's makeover, with, um, peach-green eyeshadow? (What was I thinking?) I think she has Eric's eye shape.

Yeah, there's some definite Eric in there, but she's much more feminine than his kids with Vicky.

Plus, no sharp features or elf ears, which were all Vicky.

Meanwhile, R-T Girl ages up to child. I'd accidentally had Teff age down to child, so he gets to age back up to adult. What fun! And not too bad an outfit, it seems like something a younger Teff would wear.

Side view...


R-E Girl ages to adult. She's a good-looking young woman. I think we can safely say that ALL the Serling offspring trouble were caused by Vicky's genetics. :P Though I should probably do more messing with the Immortals (or someone) to see for sure.

She looks so cheerful and perky and 70s.

Meanwhile, R-T Girl really looked creepily like Teff until I got her some new eyebrows. She had Teff's big man eyebrows, poor thing.

Some makeup, and she looks a little dangerous in an attractive way.

Nice profile, too.

As an adult, she makes me think of an athlete. As in, she's been lifting weights or otherwise doing something to build muscle.

She's darn attractive. I think she looks a lot like Teff. I don't know whether Ray's features disappear or I'm just not seeing them in either girl.

I could probably enter her in one of those "pretty sim" contests, actually.

And then I realized: Hey, we never saw a genderswitched Ray! So I tried it. First of all, his green hair just doesn't occur for females. So when both of these mashups were girls, it meant they got their other parent's hair color; Ray's green hair shoots a blank, as it were, on female offspring. Interesting.

So I had to find a green hair that mostly matched his own hair color. It is not a common color, that particular green. I chose this one because it came close (though it's a bit darker than I'd like) and it still has the bangs, reminiscent of his male green hair.

Also, she-Ray is pretty. ^_^

I didn't even bother to put on any makeup, I just got her a new outfit, and... I like she-Ray quite a bit. She's attractive and yet looks like she has a personality, too. I really need to either seed my neighborhoods with these mashups or figure out how to work them all into a Legacy or something. ^^;;

Now then! Whoever can tell me how to get my sims' moods into platinum via hack: you get (if you want) a free Immortal mashup of your choice. I'll just have to move the girls out first. ^_^
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