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CoH Sims: A Case of the Uglies

Since we're leaving the Outskirts behind, it might be nice to see how some of the part-alien kids turned out, huh?

When last we left off, Sorcha had the following kids:

Willow (by Forrest, CAS, actually married to Sorcha)
Dani (by Daniel-2, game copied him from a CAS)
Leif (by Ramon Jeffries)
Pistil (by Lech "Manho" Nova before he got killed)
Starflower (by Elmer LeTourneau, another heavy-faced college friend)
Bougainvilla, aka Booger (by Drake Knight, the heavy-faced secret society guy from college)

(In fact, here's the family tree from the last Sorcha update!)

They ranged in age from teen (Willow) to toddler (Booger). Let's see how they would've turned out, shall we?

Willow as a teen:

Willow, upon being forced abruptly into adulthood, immediately goes into, er, the postal service.

She looks predatory to me. I bet she finds Ben Long Jr. and makes him present his package for inspection.

Next up, Dani as a teen:

As an adult, Dani decides she's gonna hit the town, looks like.

And the profile:

Leif was also a teenager last time we saw him. Admittedly, a Knowledge teen dressed as a raver and obsessed with starting a family, but hey!
Teenage Leif:

Leif was sleeping, but I woke him so I could age him up to adult. Fortunately he didn't have the "not go to college" fear so aging up didn't do anything to him. And let me just say right now that Ray, via his son Ramon, turns out darn good-looking kids. Apart from the green skin, Leif's a normal guy.


A bit devilish, maybe, but that's the facial hair for you. Face it, Leif's just good-looking (possibly too good for this family) and nearly normal.

Oh, and here's his everyday outfit. "Someone will RUE the day they rejected my application for the Junior Mad Scientist League..."

Next up, child Pistil, who's a boy with an unfortunate name (look it up). He got the Manho's rainbow eyes, the PT's green skin and Sorcha's/PT's ginormous eye shape.

Pistil teened up okay...

Ooh, and then got all black-wardrobe smexy.

And with those super-huge "Golly!" eyes, he's downright adorable. I don't understand the rabbit chest logo thing, but Pistil changed from an ugly duckling to a swan (of sorts).

He then immediately sits down and thinks about marriage. Possibly "How'm I going to get married ASAP?" given his Family-like leanings.

While Pistil goes to grab a book off the floor, his other half-sister Starflower ages into a teen.

Here she was as a child - scary, no? But her features evened out as a teen.

Kind of blunt-faced profile.

For some reason I find this pic actually unnerving.

Okay, go get a shower (so we can see what outfit you transition to) and become and adult. Er... so, do you ever find yourself feeling like a chicken?

They'd send for the shrink to cure her, but they need the eggs. ^^;;

Seriously, though, although her features are a bit out of the ordinary, they're not as dramatic as some of the other kids'.

Chicken Woman immediately begins juggling. If there weren't laws against freakshows, she'd be a hit.

While Chicken Woman juggles coffee cups, there's one more kid in Sorcha's house: Bougainvilla, aka Booger. Here he was as a toddler:

And here he is as a child:

Nothing to write home about yet.

How about as a teen? Wow. Check them cheekbones. Cheek pouches. He's incubating a brood of fish eggs in there, isn't he?

Lumpy features! Tiny chewed ears! (madame_ugly, do you approve?)

Ooh, serious Booger. (Okay, I just cracked myself up by re-reading "serious Booger")

How about as an adult? Sometimes the ugly settles out upon transition. But wait!

He's got a good glower there, and a wide nose to match those wide... cheek... things.

And just like his nicknamesake, Booger is lumpy. I sure picked a winner with Drake.

"Enough of this nonsense!" snaps Maddox Omega, Sorcha's sister. "Let's see what kind of kids Will and I might've had! And hey - eyes up here, buster!"

(Maddox, if you're going to put the goods on display, don't be surprised when folks take a look.)

Here's profiles of the two of them. Oh yeah - Maddox, Will, Ripp Grunt and Alexandra Jeffries are on the post-college "holding lot". Joe and Aaron Marlin, and Storm Alvarado, moved back home, and Meredith moved with Storm.

Ooh, mad Maddox! XD

She has a face just made for looking like she's been sucking on good, sour lemons all day long, doesn't she?

Here's Will. I just noticed he's still got two eyebrow rings on his left side. I completely forgot he had those.

While waiting for the Tombstone to speed up the pregnancy, the two of them were so precious together. Kissing, backrubbing, leaping into each other's arms, all autonomously. Ah, young love!

One sped-up pregnancy later, we have a snowy-white baby girl with large brown... wait a minute. Who has brown eyes? Will is dominant-gray recessive-green; Maddox has dominant-Epsilon (black/purple) and allegedly recessive-Alien (all black). Where the heck did the brown eyes come from?!?
Mysteries of Sim genetics aside, I decide to name her Blanche.

Everyone talks about how much Blanche looks like her deceased grandfather Epsilon Omega, except for the eyes.

While Maddox goes through another sped-up pregnancy (all of her kids are via Will, by the way), I age up Blanche (ooh, I could've named her Ivory. No, that's sort of off-whitish) to a toddler. She has a full set of teeth!!! Not just the usual set of toddler choppers, a whole set!

Then it's time for the welcome wagon, and it includes Lech "Manho" Nova, zombified, carrying a bomb on his back!

Oh yeah, and Mitch Indie (who I haven't played in probably a year, poor guy) and Iris Marlin (!!). Good thing this isn't canon continuity...

Does Mitch look like Alvin Futa? Or am I thinking of someone else? (He's either a bin sim or in a house - either way, at the Academie, so yeah, I played him through Uni)

Maddox says hello by going into labor.

Aaaagh! Skull-baby! Run away! Run away!

Oh, and it's a girl, who is named Purpurea (from "purpureal" meaning "purplish") in a vain attempt to relate it back to her eyes. She appears to have the Serling pointed ears and OMG SKULL BABY RUN AWAY!!

Using maxmotives to keep everyone's moods up, I set the extra people to teaching the toddlers to walk and talk, mostly to keep them out of the way while Maddox gestates her third and last. I don't want to make a zillion kids just for the sake of it. I've done that three times already. ;)

And the third one is a boy, but otherwise undistinguishable from Blanche. (Wow, in strong light it hurts to look at these kids!) I name him Baldwin, which means "white wine" (or "white winner," depending on where you get your translation).

Maddox, what's with the eyeshadow?

Baldwin ages up, and I realize that Maddox's black hair is going to completely dominate over Will's blondness. And quite possibly Will's gray and green eye genetics will also be steamrollered by either the mystery brown eyes or the Epsilon eyes. Gloom.

Hey, not too shabby. He might very well follow Pistil's path and age up to a moderately normal-looking person. Will we ever know?
And there you go. I'm half tempted to shunt these folks over to the new neighborhood too, but I don't know for certain. For starters, either they'd have triplets or I'd have to start fresh and just take the luck of the genetic draw. Guess we'd see in the long run - Will's a Family sim so he'd love the breeding possibilities, but like I say, I've done this a few times already and I'm done. ;)

Hm, I have one toddler-seeding slot open in the new neighborhood... I could carry over one of these quarter-alien kids... or even bring maybe one or two as adults. Decisions, decisions.
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