Laridian (laridian) wrote,

It's a Zombie Jamboree!

I visited the lot where the zombies recently played, just to move a sim out of the lot and into a new one. And those wacky zombies, always getting up to stuff!

Warnings: Pixelated nudity and naughty commentary.

Whirly always thought Lech Nova, the Manho of the Outskirts, was the hottest thing around. Even as an elder. Even after he died. Even after she died. Now that they were both zombies, she had no more issues with following him into the shower.

Putting an arm around him...

Er, where's her other hand?

Ah, okay. Lech doesn't mind a bit. He can even make the dead lust after him.

She whispers a few sweet nothings into his ear...

..and Lech rubs up against her, backwards, and you can just tell Whirly loves it.

But then her also-zombified husband arrives on the scene! "Honey! What are you doing?!"

Will anyone make it out alive - oh, wait, they're all dead. Kinda moot then. ;)

~ ~ ~

Note: None of this was using any cheats or hacks or 'moveobjects on'. She just stood really, really close to him the whole time.
Tags: coh sims
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