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A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 5, Chapter 19 is now on AO3: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve.

~ ~ ~

Gunnar looked at his Pipboy for the time. It took a moment for the date to register in his mind: January 1, 2282. The start of a new year, if you followed the Gregorian calendar, or heralding the worst of winter weather to come if you went by seasons; but either way, he was in the Mojave desert with two companions who didn't seem to notice or care.

And maybe it didn't matter about the exact date. But it was still a new year, calendrically speaking. Gunnar hoped it would be a better one than the year he'd just left behind. Even with a war looming.

~ ~ ~

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fallout 3

Fallout February 19: Writing Prompt

Favorite headcanon OR Ruin

I'd have to say my favorite Fallout ruin is the Museum of Technology from FO3. Yes, even in virtual worlds, I love to visit museums. :)

The Museum of Technology sits on the real-world site of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It has the Wright 'Flyer', the Virgo II Lunar Lander Valiant 11 (FO timeline), fighter jets, a Vault mockup, and the first human space flight capsule, the Defiance 7 (FO timeline). And a planetarium!

That doesn't even count the cool stuff about American inventors, and posters! I would absolutely hit up the gift shop. :D

It's the kind of place I'd want to see fixed up and repaired for later. Or just expanded upon and let me drink in all the alternate history.

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A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 5, Chapter 18 is now on AO3: Why Don't You Believe Me.

~ ~ ~

Arcade, as a Follower, would be viewed favorably by the Khans, they hoped. The Followers periodically tried to help out the Khans with literacy or medical care. And Veronica…

"I'm going with you," she'd said. "Neither one of you could punch your way out of a paper bag."

"Well, yes, that's why we've got guns — " Gunnar started.

"I've heard about that, too. Cass told me how you're both more likely to hit each other than your targets."

"Now, that's unfair," Arcade protested. "I'm much more likely to hit the target than he is."

~ ~ ~

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Big Year update

Master list is here: https://laridian.dreamwidth.org/3025334.html

Sparrow, house (English)

It's easier to find the CWW by sound than by view; they're cryptic-colored and nocturnal. But they are LOUD. A CWW calling could be a mile or more away and sound like it's right under your window. The call is very distinctive and what gives the bird its English name. Some people confuse its song with that of the whippoorwill but to me they're very different. The mouth of a CWW is huge and while it mostly preys upon insects, it can if need be swallow smaller birds and bats whole.

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fallout 3

A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 5, Chapter 17 is now on AO3: In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town.

~ ~ ~

Marjorie sniffed coldly and set down her drink. "You're saying we owe him?"

"Maybe. But just now I got wind that someone's poking the Bear. The NCR believes this Enclave bullsh — malarkey," Swank corrected, in deference to Marjorie.

"That is bullshit," Cachino said, then jerked as Marjorie stabbed him in the leg with the tip of her parasol. It was too blunt to break the cloth or skin, but it still stung. "Look, Marjorie, that's the truth. This guy isn't Enclave. He's cleaner than new-fallen snow in the mountains."

"Cachino, shut up and listen to me." Swank leaned forward in his seat. "The NCR is after Volk. And if they think he's Enclave, they might decide it's worth taking him into custody. And then what?"

~ ~ ~

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fallout 3

Fallout February: Writing Prompt

Topic: Wasteland Recipes or Camaraderie

Now, camaraderie is "comradeship, good-fellowship" according to Dictionary.com, because I wanted to make sure I was talking about the right thing. ;) You do get companions in the games, and those are great - it's honestly much nicer to have someone along watching your back.

But I wish the games would take it a step farther. I know a big part of this is limitations from the game itself; there are goals here, you're not supposed to be singing around the campfire. (Though I suspect many Fallout fans would absolutely love such an option, for roleplaying and just because it could be real fun to see how your different companions behaved!)

In many cases, your companions are long on your quest, they hang around you, sometimes have things to say to you; but it still feels kind of lonely sometimes. In any game, eventually you exhaust the dialog tree and all you can do is "Hey Character X!" and then "Uh, never mind, let's get going" because there's nothing new to say.

I had hoped that Fallout 76 would fix this a big, allowing people to team up, and yes it does do that; but IMO the only effective way to roleplay is through text chat. Voice chat, for one thing, reminds everyone what you really sound like. And for most of us, that's not what our characters sound like. Text chat would allow for actual conversations that didn't feel... well, weird, speaking them out loud. Maybe it's just been so long since I did any tabletop gaming, but it feels very weird to try roleplaying, in my own voice, in an online game.

That said, in emails/text/etc, it is absolutely possible to have a grand old time in the Wastes with a bunch of good friends. :)

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