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Mom: I really wasn't sure about this actress. She wasn't busty or hippy enough for Lara Croft, I thought. And she was all covered up.

Dad: Yeah, Lara Croft originally ran around in a tank top and short shorts with the Twin Eagles strapped to her thighs, and combat boots.

Mom: Here she's completely covered up from the waist down and even her tank top is modest. And then there's breaking into the bad guy hideout.

Dad: Yeah, 385 guys and 1 woman and nobody notices anything?

Mom: Nobody notices the hot chick walking around? Nope, just get into the line with the other slaves.

Mom: Did she even use twin guns in this movie? I know she got a bow and arrow from somewhere.

Dad: Her father's bow.

Mom: That's right, she found them in a cave. But you can't beat a bullet for stopping the bad guy. An arrow won't stop the bad guy.

Mom: And there was no boss battle! It just ended!

Me: Mom, you complain all the time that the boss battles are way too long.

Mom: I know! Wonder Woman had three boss battles in a row, and they took forever! Can't any of these guys just die?

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(Chicago Tribune, Illinois, January 11, 1925, from yesterdaysprint.tumblr.com)

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[personal profile] ringsandcoffee, I got your postcard! Thank you! :D

Some other recent favorites:


I love it when I can send really weird postcards to people. (I try to match them to those who would actually appreciate them.)


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Quilt: Ripples

Despite a lot of things and a chart problem, I got this finished at last. I'm calling it Ripples unless someone suggests something better.

Each square is 1". So this is a throw, but wow, doesn't it look nice? This is one of those that looks better from a distance, IMO, but when you look closer you can see all the variations in the batiks.

Tonal "sand" color and five different batiks. Click for bigger.

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"frogs that sound like sheep"

So that's what's in our backyard. Eastern narrow-mouthed frogs. There are others, too, but this one is so dang loud, we heard it inside the house.

The subject line is the actual google term.

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Postcrossing quilt update

World map update! I got enough fabric from Postcrossers to fill in most of southern Europe and start on North Africa.

Europe has the challenge of fingernail-sized countries whereas Africa is going to take some big swatches. But it's getting there. I just wish I'd had more fabrics, I got seriously in the groove and then had to stop ^_^

Click for bigger picture.

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Texas history: Dr. Sofie Herzog

Source: https://www.chron.com/news/article/Gunshot-victims-in-Brazoria-knew-to-call-Dr-12813520.php

I'm not sure if this is visible to anyone else (possible paywall), so I'm posting the text under the cut. Great women's history of a lady doctor in 19th century Texas.

Gunshot victims in Brazoria knew to call ‘Dr. Sofie’

By Joe Holley Updated 7:23 pm, Friday, April 6, 2018
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D&D humor/meme

Dungeons and Dragons, but your character must be a self insert, and class is determined by your current abilities

Barbarian Must have a demonstrable temper, go off I guess
Bard Must be able to play an instrument
Cleric Must be involved in a religious organization
Druid Must have demonstrable knowledge of, or passion for nature
Fighter Must beat the DM in physical combat (hope your DM’s a wimp)
Monk Must practice a martial art
Paladin Must have a cause that one actively supports
Ranger Must be able to fire a kind of ranged weapon accurately
Rogue Must sneak up on the DM (Hard mode: steal their dice)
Sorcerer Must have a powerful family heirloom
Warlock Must work for a powerful entity (Corporations, The Government)
Wizard Must have a College Degree or a 3.0 GPA

If you can’t be any of these you start as a commoner, and may become one of these classes when you finally satisfy these conditions.

Me: Well, I could be warlock, wizard, druid, bard based on these.
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So my brother & his family are in Hawaii on vacation and they're reporting birds they see to my dad. Who wants to count them for our Big Year. I am not on the surface (or deep down, let's be honest) happy with this. Big Year is OUR project.


There's no way we'll catch up to last year's count - we're simply not traveling enough to do so this year. They're family. Dad really wants to count the birds. So I'm counting them.

Cardinal, red-crested
Myna, common
Frigatebird, great
Dove, zebra

Three of those are introduced exotics but they're well established so the ABA counts them, therefore we do.

Master list: https://laridian.dreamwidth.org/2828955.html

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Year of the Tomato

Despite the failure of the corn and the squash, we've had an excellent tomato crop this year. Mom, Dad and I are eating a tomato each every day. The Better Boy hybrids are great slicers and very meaty, they would be great on sandwiches but I eat them with just a sprinkle of salt. The Cherokees are super juicy and sweet. Both of them have been excellent. I think the Cherokees have the slight edge on them for flavor.

Paper plate shown for scale... two of the really Big Ugly (tm) Cherokee Purple tomatoes.

btw, I dumped the squash (dirt and all) in the alley back behind the garage. They're happily still growing. No fruit at all, which is why they ended up back there, but they sure ain't dead.

The watermelon is chugging along, no fruit on it either but it's too hot for me to go out and do anything about it.

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The Division 2: pandemic post-apoc; stealth shooter
Fallout 76: nuclear war post-apoc; nobody quite knows yet
Rage 2: asteroid post-apoc; Borderlands on steroids
Dying Light 2: zombie post-apoc (maybe vampire? Hard to tell); horror
The Last of Us 2: fungal post-apoc; more horror
Sea of Solitude: flooding post-apoc; the gentlest looking one of them all
Metro Exodus: nuclear war post-apoc; survival horror

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If France was a media franchise

For those not up on French history, here's the list:
Ancien regime
5 Republics of France (the current government is the 5th Republic)
France under Napoleon
Napoleon's escape from Elba island
Francia under Charlemagne
France under Napoleon III
Vichy France


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E3 so far

yes, I know E3 doesn't officially start until Tuesday, but already the companies are releasing trailers and info.

And you know, I like post-apoc, don't get me wrong, and I like different flavors of post-apoc, but wow, next year has a lot of post-apoc, even for me.

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stream of consciousness writing today

One nice thing about starting over with a computer is that you can clean out a lot of stuff. Fresh bookmark time! - if you really needed/wanted to go there, you'll remember it and look it up. Comics cleanout! - if you can't remember what comics you used to read daily, then you don't need to worry about them any more, they weren't important.

Also nice: Citizens of Earth now plays better, so I have to assume it was my old computer doing all those crashes, for reasons still unknown to me (it wasn't doing it to other games and CoE is not a really intensive game to run).

I'm still giving Microsoft Edge (browser) a chance but already there's stuff I'm not thrilled with, like how my old Chrome/Firefox extensions just don't exist for Edge. I had a few that I really liked and not having them is an irritant. (For the record, here are two: "JustRead" which stripped all the ads etc out of articles so it was just text; and "Tumblr Savior" which allowed me to blacklist phrases, words and tags, and boy had that list grown!)

I really hope Fallout 76 is a game I want to play, since now I have a computer that can probably play it. Hope there'll be some concrete info at E3. I doubt it's an MMO (which would be cool) but I really hope it's not like Fallout Shelter.

Poking around eBay for unused old stamps (around 37 cents face value) and there's awesome stamps out there, but they're priced at $1 each on average. For $1.15 I can get the international stamp currently in release, or for $1 I can get two forever stamps for domestic use. Old postage isn't really worth anything except as postage, so I get they're trying to make some money on these things, but I can't see paying x3 price for them.

E3 coverage: holy cow, 2019 is going to be a year for games after all this drought.

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Postcrossing quilt update

Three fabrics today from Moldova! Fabric archive is here:

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LJ password reset problem solved

Apparently the reset-password page only works in IE now. Which is frustrating, but at least it's solvable and I was able to get the password reset.

Still kind of a heads up about LJ though.

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Not sure if anyone else is looking at this, but I am. Signups now for invitations to fourth beta.

Info page:

Signup page:

It sounds like they took a lot of the old LJ features (nested comments, privacy options, communities) and added new ones, including blacklisting, but also including reblogging like Tumblr & other sites have.

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PSA: New computer etc

And unfortunately for me, LJ now thinks I'm a complete imposter and won't even sent me "lost password" emails. So this may be the final cord cutting for LJ, since I won't be able to log in or comment freely. We shall see.

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Game review: Citizens of Earth

[personal profile] porkwithbones asked: "What game is it you're enjoying enough to keep playing despite the frequent crashes?"

I've been meaning to write this up for a while now, so here it is: Citizens of Earth!

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Yes, I have a bunch of blocks I need to post. I keep forgetting.

Meanwhile I have 2 that I have to completely redesign; CA and NY. Not going to be a lot of fun but it's do-able with time and effort.

OK and CT: I got some info from the MIL about those states (Toly was really young during his time there) and OK shouldn't take too much effort, except, it's, like, super flat and boring and there's no way to make an Army base look good. CT, not much at all I can do there so I might just use the default design for it.

WI - still not sure if I should go for "RPG Dice Nerd" (we were only in Milwaukee for Gencon, 3 years running) or "Cows & Fields" (how everyone else thinks of WI).

Oh, and MS will likely need an entire redesign too, if I can figure out how to make it noteworthy.

tldr: I need to do a lot of designing on these.

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