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1 November
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Laridian. Comes from the genus for gull (seagull).

If I don't friend you back right away, it's not personal. :) I'm almost to where I can't quite manage the F-list I have already. If you're just here for the Sims and the fics, you probably don't want to get all the daily-life stuff anyway. Widgets

Sims Story Master Lists: These are lists of all the installments and important posts about my Sims stories. So if you're just looking them up for the first time, this might be a good place to start. :)
  • CoH Sims Season One - a very long-running and intensive soap opera, involving mutants, superheroes, villains, mad science, magic crystal shards, immortals (only a few), plus daily lives, illegitimate children here and there and the usual run of things. :) ** Completed - picks up in Season Two **
  • CoH Sims Season Two - picking up in a new neighborhood, carrying over the Immortals and some of their families from Season One.
  • Durrance Legacy - my first Legacy Challenge, and plenty weird in its own right. ** COMPLETED **
  • Tellerman Legacy - Sebastian Tellerman from CoH Sims became the founder of his own "MRS Degree" Legacy Challenge. I created this challenge for myself, wherein each heir has to go to college and marry a college dormie instead of a townie or NPC. ** COMPLETED **
  • The GUCCI / Ishkabibble Uglification Challenge - The first five generations are an Uglacy; then it becomes a poverty challenge. ** COMPLETED **
  • Laridian's Bachelorette Challenge - seven lucky(?) and, if you've read a lot of my sims stories, familiar guys competing for the hand of a lonely sim. ** COMPLETED **
  • Holopaw! - continuing the story of the Bachelorette Challenge and five other households created by the Challenge contestants. ** COMPLETED **
  • Laridian's Sims Tutorials. Tutorials I've written for SimPE and other Sims-related programs.
  • The Round Robin Legacy and Rules. Each installment is played by a different sims player, as the heir moves with each generation. ** COMPLETED **
  • The Matchmaker for One Legacy and Rules/The Gauge Legacy. One heir per generation, spouses chosen through the matchmaker - what could go wrong? ** COMPLETED **
  • The Tecza Legacy (Round Robin/Rainbow/Awesomesauce). Full of colors and all the excitement and drama that come with them. ** COMPLETED **
  • Vagabond Build-a-City Challenge. Also a pixel_trade neighborhood.

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