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Drawlloween #25

Drawlloween #25 is "rat".

I had lots of original high hopes for this one. But it turned out to be the last one I drew for this challenge (on 10/21 as it turned out) and by that time, I was ready for it to be done. So my hopes of drawing the devil rat pet of one of my Shadowrun characters turned into...
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Drawlloween #24

Drawlloween #24 is "Spell".

I originally wanted to draw Magica de Spell from Carl Barks' Scrooge McDuck comics for "Witch". But then I realized drawing a spell could be harder, and Magica both has "spell" in her name and could be casting a spell.

That said: drawing cartoon ducks is hard! Drawing cartoon duck faces is really hard! And the proportions are all wrong! She got big duck booty! I'm so ashamed.
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Brains Legacy 7.4: Escape 2000

Previous Episodes

Last time on the Brains Legacy: Steffi Brains (gen 7 heir) her husband Cieran surprised me with a couple more twins, bringing their kid total to five. Steffi believes she knows exactly the best way to raise children (yep, one of those). Magic Voice and TV's Frank became teens and have the exact same LTW, which means an heir poll is in the near future.

 photo brains7-4.png
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Drawlloween #23

Drawlloween #23 is "Moon".

I tried some of the moons in our solar system and those didn't work out, and then I decided to try this moon here in my icon. It comes from the world of Grim Fandango.

So... anyway, this moon I drew looks kinda like Sans from Undertale, which if I were aiming for that, would have been a great thing. :/
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Drawlloween #22

Drawlloween #22 is "Vampire".

I looked at Bela Lugosi's classic Count Dracula, and then some goffick types, and Nosferatu, but I finally went with good old Grandpa Munster as played by Al Lewis.

 photo Drawlloween_22.png

Not the best pic (I think my hand was shaking a bit, now that I'm looking at it) but I think he looks pretty good. Yes, The Munsters was an incredibly silly show, but so was The Addams Family, and The Munsters allows for more fun fan theories. Go get 'em, Grandpa.

Lily Munster: [Lily and Grandpa are 'borrowing' a couple of horses] Grandpa, what if we get caught?
Grandpa Munster: Listen, it won't be the first time I was hanged as a horse thief.

Drawlloween #21

Drawlloween #21 is "black cat" which... I really wasn't feeling. So this one isn't very complicated. And then I realized I didn't want to fill in the cat and wear down my pencil. I've done a lot of filling in large dark areas lately, see.
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Next Year's Ornaments

First of the 2017 Christmas ornaments, with star beads, some sparkly trim, a ball bead, quilting fabrics and perle cotton. 5.5" tall.

Completed 18 October 2016.
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Drawlloween #20

Drawlloween #20 is "Alien".

(By the way, if you were too nervous to look at yesterday's "Gore" prompt - try it anyway. It's honestly not scary.)

I figured everyone and their dog or cat would try a grey or a Giger alien, so instead I went for something really silly. One of the big-butted turtle aliens from Laserblast, which nobody will have seen unless they saw it on MST3K.

The best part of this was that my kids looked at it before I could say what it was and immediately declared "That's the turtle alien from Laserblast!" Yes, we have seen the MST episode many times. All the parts with the aliens and their dubbed-over dialog make me laugh.

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Drawlloween #19

Drawlloween #19 is "Gore".

Man... this was really hard. I mean, I don't like gory movies or books or anything like that. It gives me nightmares, you know? But... well, here's my attempt.
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Etsy update!

This week's Etsy update has a lot of cool stuff, including two afghans perfect for customizing with cross stitch or embroidery, some lavender sachets, and a sun-and-moon needlepoint set. Plus some of my digital patterns are on sale! Check it out!



Sims 2 Coconut, Papaya, Banana Trees

I found the link!


Converted from Castaway Stories and available more directly at MATY:


Sims can climb and harvest from them.


Drawlloween #18

Drawlloween #18 is "Mummy".

Most people will now do the easy Egyptian linen-wrapped mummified human. I tried to do Otzi, I really did, but couldn't quite manage it. So I instead attempted one of the Inuit child mummies which, if you're a certain age, you'll remember from the cover of National Geographic Magazine.

I altered my image to be upright instead of nearly 90 degrees like in most of the reference images. I always felt a little sad about this photo, because it's a child, and it was several people, apparently a family, who died. I know it sounds weird to say "I tried to draw this with respect", but I did.
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Sims 2 links

I know most of you here don't care for Tumblr, but this post has links to digital downloads of all the Prima Sims 2 guides, plus the Store Items, Preorder Items, and Miscellaneous Items. Grab them while you can!


Drawlloween #17

Drawlloween #17 is "Zombie".

Dude, I already did 8-bit Zombie. I have to do another zombie?
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Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler

This cost $7 on Steam and took me a whole 3 hours because I took my time and looked at everything (and I do mean “looked” - and tried to eat everything and punch everything, too). Short, yes, but it’s got some good jokes and for $7 it wasn’t bad. It felt so much like it was in the same universe as Monkey Island.

DG:MS comes from Bill Tiller, who did those fabulous backgrounds in Curse of Monkey Island, and he still does great art. The game looks like missing scenes from Curse. Unfortunately, the 3-D characters all look like they’re from Escape from Monkey Island and are a little on the ugly side, and sometimes their mouths don’t move. I forgave it. Many games have these problems, and let’s face it, the old sprite games had limited animation themselves.

The puzzles are very simple indeed; the inventory never had more than two items at one time. The music at times was very reminiscent of Curse. (The tavern music made me think immediately of the Voodoo Lady in that game.) The jokes are better than in Vampyre Story, though none of these writers is secretly Tim Schafer. Another plus: no quicktime events or reflex-driven puzzles! And compared to MI’s overwhelmingly male cast over the years, DG:MS has a large number of women characters, most of them capable, intelligent, and (fortunately for Duke) taking pity on him and his quest.

Honestly, I’m just happy to pretend this game is part of a shared universe with Monkey Island. There are lots of friendly references to MI in this game already, so why not? And word is that there will be further Duke adventures, which is something to look forward to. More piratey point and click adventures are a good thing!


Today I made pesto for the first time ever. I also ate pesto for the first time ever. I used walnuts instead of pine nuts, and... it was okay. I don't need to eat it again. Part of this is because the taste will not leave my tongue, three hours later, which is gross by now.

I love garlic, I like walnuts, I like basil, I like Parmesan cheese... and most of these things go great together... and it tasted fine when I ate it. But the aftertaste that glued itself to my tongue is not a happy one.

I had it on spaghetti squash, which usually I have with marinara, but I wanted to try pesto. I like spaghetti squash, so I can eat the rest of it just fine with marinara or butter and cheese or whatever.

We also went out to a park and Huxrin and I walked 2.5 miles and I did not get a celebratory donut with everyone else at the end of it.


The 2016 Ornaments

Here are the 2016 ornaments. (iceraptoress, don't look, one of these is yours! ;)
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