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Power outage

Last night about 6 pm we lost power:


It came back about 11, which is fantastic, really, considering they were originally saying dawn. But we're all short sleep given the heat until power came back, plus waiting up to see if anything was going to happen (you never know!).

So, all is well, school is open, etc., but boy am I tired today.

The transformer is not far from us but we never saw the smoke. My brother got a picture though (which I didn't get a copy of).


Etsy update!

My Etsy store is again updated! This week it's hand-dyed fabrics, small kits and mini craft supplies.



Manatee Mania

A row kit from 2015, enhanced with applique fish and turtle, hand embroidery, and hotfix crystals.

Big pixCollapse )

Row by Row - Space Theme speculation

So while I still have to finish the Friends quilt (as far as I can - I'm still one row off), I browsed all 50 states' row pdfs to look for space-themed rows. I'd seen a few before, and hoped there would be at least 8 so I could maybe put together a space-themed quilt. Here's what I found, and what I can try to work with!

Space: The Fabric FrontierCollapse )

Row by Row #9 done!

Now, yes, I've done 8 rows and that's technically enough - but I still don't have a full set for the Friends quilt. But I'm getting closer! My parents visited Florida and didn't buy me a lousy T-shirt - they brought me Row kits! And here's the first one done.

Are they being crabby, or just shellfish?Collapse )

6 weeks of exercise

(Mom said: has it been that long already?)

This week I noticed that I'm finishing all my reps in 20 minutes instead of 30. I made sure I wasn't skipping a machine somewhere, so, yeah, I've actually sped up a bit. The solution? More reps! Today I added another set, and couldn't finish all the machines in 30 minutes. (On wfh days I'm very limited to 30 minutes so I can get home in time to shower before clocking in.) So it's progress!

The weights I have to use are all over the place, because some of my muscles are getting stronger and some are still noodly. The lat pulldown, I can do 45 lbs now, but the... I forget what it's called but it's pushing with arms, anyway, I can still only do 10 lbs on that. The two machines for the abductor and adductor muscles, I'm up to 70 lbs; the knee curl, I had to cut back to 15. Muscles are weird.

I also really didn't want to go this morning, but I went. Not looking forward to winter when it'll be cold out and I'll have to bracket extra time for bundling up and unbundling once I get there.


Sims downloading sprees part deux

Hm, okay, I need to get that corner shelving unit from TSR, and - hey, they have new food CC?

Oh look at that house!

Six kinds of cookable pie?!

Okay now really I need to not just download anything - whoa, on this other site, look at that hippie string art!

Whoa, new movies to put into the Sims' TV channels! Except I get tired of them sitting around watching TV...

Hey, look over here, pet breeds! Okay, I said I wasn't going to do any more pets ever, but... look at that one!


Quilting update

Mom brought back 4 row kits from Florida. One will definitely go into the Friends quilt (I still have a lot of family there). One, Mom wants for her new tropical theme bedroom plan. One, the space one, will have to wait until I collect enough space-themed kits to do an entire SPAAAAACE QUILT. The last one, my niece fell in love with, so I'll make for her as a wall hanging for her birthday.

I also finished Coastal Birds last night, but there's a reason there's no picture. Last night I was trying to finish it before it got too dark to work, and it was too dark to get a good pic. This morning it was rainy and overcast, and thus also too dark. And then my folks were coming in from the airport, and I couldn't get a pic before they got back. So... sometime when they're not here, during the day, but the kids are, so they can help me take a pic... in short, who knows when a pic will be posted.

However! This does count against my UFO list for the year!
The listCollapse )
This leaves... only two items left on this list! Wow! :O Now for the hard part.

The remaining two items are Science Quilt and Paradigm Shift. I could probably knock out PS pretty fast. I have the top and the backing. I would have to come up with the batting, I'm pretty sure. But in a pinch, I could do it myself (and I may have to). It's a very busy quilt top, so I could just do straight lines.

Science will require panto (edge to edge) quilting, I think, and there's no good way around that. (Do I have backing fabric? I'm not sure. I'd have to check.) I'll revisit it later. I already avoided it once when #10 came up, and I substituted the wildlife baby quilt for it.

Etsy update!

My Etsy store is again updated! This week it's all about seed beads and vintage MST3K and Tom Petty T-shirts.



Sims downloading sprees

So I realized "hm, if I'm going to do another generation of Service sims, which one do I want?" and then I realized I should look at the colors and stuff, and TWO HOURS LATER...

yeah, you guessed it. "WOW! Look at all this neat STUFF! And here's a cool lot that my sims can move into! And look at this! And!"

Half the fun nowadays is trying to figure out if a really old download is going to be worth it (hint: probably not) and then wander around a site for the first time in a few years...




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