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More bathroom decor

Finally got some new wall art for the bathroom. I was a little dismayed to discover that it's not on a clear backing, but white; and my wall is no longer white. But, y'know. It's here now. And it looks OK.

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PREVIOUSLY: Gen 6 heir Erhardt Brains and his wife Shellie "Rub My Belly" Brains moved into a new house after Erhardt accidentally killed his parents and his Grunkle Torgo. They now have children Flavia, Cambot and Tom Servo.

Then Erhardt's Aunt Deborah Spyder, the Black Widow of Circle Pines, finished killing off husbands and a few other people, but just as she was about to flee the town, the police caught her. She got the electric chair. (no, really, go look in the archives)

So how will Erhardt and Shellie deal with this turn of events? And what major changes happen to the household this week? (Hint: it became really, really ISBI this week.)

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Sims update

Brains is almost done with their week, and then I can process pix etc. Big change happens to the family this week.

2016 UFO Challenge: June (and more!)

I'm very happy to report that I finished 2 quilt projects yesterday after getting nothing done in the rest of June so far! Part of that was the trip, I didn't do any quilting during that trip (though I *did* buy more fabric... >_>; ). But I also feel like I took a little break this past week too.

Plus I got to do my first ever quilt repairs for pay! From someone not related to me! Go me!
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The Silent Age


The first half of this game is available free; I played mine on my phone and got hooked so much I gladly paid for the second half, which is not a thing I normally do for phone games.

It's a point-and-click type adventure that has its moments of humor, time travel elements (if you've played Day of the Tentacle you'll have an idea of what this means for the puzzles), and a storyline that hooked me and gave me chills when I began putting the final pieces of the story together.

My one complaint might be that occasionally it's a pixel hunt - when I got stuck on puzzles it was always because I hadn't realized there was something I had yet to find, because it was small on my phone screen and my eyes have decided to rebel against me.

It has voice acting and the text comes in a variety of languages besides English (German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Ukrainian).

Check it out! I wish the company had more of these games.


Annual Blueberry Picking

We didn't go last year because of everything else going on, but this year we went and it's a banner year for blueberries!

And we picked 28 lbs (Dad: "Good Lord") in blueberries in 90 minutes, or as AngryDandelion said, about a pound every 3 minutes. It was a good crop this year, we didn't have to range very far to strip a bush clean.

Now we're just tired from the heat and everyone has to get showers before we can do anything else. Things still to do: groceries, haircuts, post office, store blueberries and separate out 3 lbs each for cousins and for SilverLily's bff who's taking her to summer classes this month so we don't have to.

still working on the bathrooms

Finally got some new wall art for the bathroom. I was a little dismayed to discover that it's not on a clear backing, but white; and my wall is no longer white. But, y'know. It's here now. And it looks OK.

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reluctant Big Year update

The Big Year counts are done on the honor system. As such, if I can't 100% identify a bird, I don't count it. Sometimes we need to take pictures for later and enhance and enlarge and so on, and if we still can't ID it for certain, we don't count it.

I also only want to count birds my family has seen, and by that, I mean my household: me, Mom and Dad, the kids and Toly, in approximately that order (AngryDandelion and Toly are not birders). So if Mom and Dad go to Arizona and get ten species of hummingbirds, I count that, and when we went to Arkansas and got 8 birds, I counted those.

I don't want to count the ones seen by my brother and his family, because they're not birders, and they're not part of my household, but they are family and we want them to get into birding. And yes, anything they see would add to the count, which is great and all, but it's my list and I wanna run it the way I want to whine whine.

The first time this came up was when they were in China and saw something and I said no, overseas birds don't count, especially just one bird. You want to do a Chinese Big Year, go nuts, but generally speaking, Big Year counts only count for a specific geographic region - in our case, North America and its environs, including Mexico, Hawaii, the Aleutians and parts of the Caribbean, if we ever go there again. There are still hundreds of birds in North America alone, and last year's count of 160 doesn't even come close to breaking the record. ;)

As far as records go - there is no prize, no governing body for Big Year - it is purely for personal fun and challenge. Gotta catch 'em all. :P Some people just do some locations (Canada, Alaska, Texas), even.

Anyway. Here's the master list and, somewhat reluctantly on my part, the birds my brother's family has identified while in Colorado this week.

Black-billed magpie
Steller's jay

There may be more, because they're getting into this, and I know that's a good thing and all, but I need to be a grownup about this and not take my ball and go home.

(also, on my spreadsheet for Big Year, I mark who saw what bird. So I can at least mark "cousins" for these entries and make myself feel better that way. :P )

Crafty type news

Oh yeah, my Etsy shop!


Patterns and cross stitch kits and stuff. Please check it out and spread the word :)

Meanwhile! A coworker has asked me to do some quilt repairs. Fairly easy stuff (man, I hope I didn't jinx it) but I need to see if I have some fabrics that will go with it - going to have to patch, which the owner says is OK. This is pretty exciting stuff for me, my first actual commission of quilting type work that isn't a family member! :P




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