Scrap Heap quilt WIP

This is enough to make a twin bed quilt. The question is, whether I should make yet another twin quilt, or should I keep accumulating scraps and aim for a queen- or king-size quilt.

Mind you, these blocks aren't sewn together. They each need to be cut twice more and rearranged into disappearing 4-patch pattern, then sewn back together, and then the whole thing gets sewn together into a quilt top. I have no idea if I'll try to make a pattern or just put them down randomly like this.

Oh, and after I took the pic, I found another 6 blocks, so yeah, THERE'S MORE.

 photo scrapheap_07222014.png

Fanarts (TF2, Johnny Pandemic and others)

johnny pandemic mod
I realized I haven't posted purchased fanart lately, and there's actually a few of them now, so here they are!

Previous art is here and here.

Seven more piecesCollapse )

today was free ice cream day at work

laridian devious
I went at 2 pm with a couple coworkers and got a bowl, and then went at 3:30 pm with a different set of coworkers and got another bowl.

I didn't eat dinner.


Hole in the Wall quilt - complete!

go me!
I finished up the binding today and it is complete and ready for Pixie to use it.
Pix! In full color!Collapse )

Scrap Heap quilt WIP

This is the new name for the Disappearing 4-Patch quilt, because it's being made entirely out of remnants and scraps! :D

This hasn't been cut or sewn yet past sewing the white and colored bits together; I was laying them out on the living room floor to see how big this is going to be. How many more 4-patch blocks do I need to make?

Above are 37 4-patch blocks. I have enough 2-patch blocks to make another 24. I might have enough. Which is good since I've about run out of unique remnants and scraps.

 photo DSC04239.jpg

My son found the pony

jc saves
You know the story of the kid who digs through the giant pile of dung, saying there's so much of it that there's got to be a pony in there somewhere?

AngryDandelion watches a lot of crappy YouTube videos (and let's face it, most of us watched or listened to garbage growing up, too, besides the better stuff) and he finally found the pony.

I want to see the Hobbit movie dwarves singing this. The original song was crap too, but this is all neatened up with decent animation and nice production values and darn it, it's catchy! I would sing along if my voice had healed up yet.


Oooooh sleepy!

i feel pretty
I got one of these sleep masks and it is awesome. I have a perpetual problem with light peeking in around the nose, and this actually has an extra piece that blocks it. I don't know that I'll be using the included earplugs, but man, this is a great sleep mask. I might get another one since I like having one in the car and one at home.

Someone else suggested the Bucky 40 Blinks sleep masks, but they really look waaaaay too much like a bra. As I am not performing Weird Science at this point in my life, I'm not wearing a bra on my head.
 photo tumblr_mtsj0sRK7P1sh35mzo1_500.gif

this is why I love him

So an ad for the new TMNT movie comes on TV, and I say "They don't even look like turtles any more. They look like frogs."

And Toly and I say in unison, "BIG FAT FREAKIN' FROGS!"

 photo splash-secretorigins2-48.jpg

we are so freakin' nerdy
Yes, I should have finished up Hole in the Wall, but being sick, I didn't feel up to fighting with the entire quilt and forcing it through my (very finicky this weekend) sewing machine. So instead I worked on cutting and sewing fabric for the other two quilt projects, Square Dance and Disappearing 4-Patch (which doesn't have a name yet).
Square DanceCollapse )

Disappearing 4-Patch updateCollapse )


I love how people think you can get over a cold in "just a couple of days". No, colds still take a week to get over.

arglebargle feellikecrapwarmedover

Plus I'm waking up at 4 am which isn't even great for work.

Really want to get some stuff done this weekend but I foresee a lot of soup and tea and if I'm lucky, watching movies while recumbent.


TF2 pixels/cross stitch

team fortress 2
Getting better, still slightly sore-throaty, but improving.

Found this:

Which, y'know, I could cross stitch. If I wanted to. But if I did, it would probably be for a gift, because I don't know that I want to stitch it just because I can.

Actually I feel like painting furniture, which isn't going to happen either because blah blah blah.

I dunno, I vaguely want to play Sims tonight, but it's been ages; not sure if the magic is there any more.

Big year update

Swallow-tailed kites east of Tallahassee. They are so beautiful.

master list

Big Year update

Brand new bird for my life list as well as this year's Big Year - a female magnificent frigatebird.

Big Year master list

Also a black skimmer.

Must not MST my cousin's wedding

johnny pandemic mod
First song is "God Bless the USA". Patriotic wedding
Despite being busier than a one-armed paperhanger for about a week, I got some fabric cut this weekend and *gasp* even some quilting done! Ermagerd!

Honestly the fabric cutting is kind of addictive after a while. I think I like it better than the sewing sometimes...

I got the border added to Pixie's Hole in the Wall quilt, but I don't have pictures because it's so close to final. I might have enough batting to put it together, but the backing is still all over the place - I was going for a patchwork effect but it turns out I'll need a lot more big scraps to do that. So that's temporarily tabled.

But in the meantime I got work done on Square Dance and one other project.

Square DanceCollapse )

being a girl is expensive

johnny pandemic mod
Pixie now wears makeup, which I've never done, and cripes! It's expensive! And so many accessories and types and things!

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Please don't tell me the AC is broken...

ETA: Hooray, it's not! Someone just monkeyed with the settings bigtime.



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