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In this case, painting the upstairs hallway. I've wanted to get it done for a long time, and with most of the family on vacation this week, this seemed like the best time to get it done. I had all supplies (including paint) already in the garage, except foam rollers, so I had to buy one of those.

Now all the upstairs hallway has a fresh coat of "luminous white", and I'm out of paint, and the job is done!


Quilt top finish: Forest and River

This quilt was originally Northern Lights (after the name of the pattern), then Ocean Motion, and now it's Forest and River after a suggestion by my dad.

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Lonely Pines wall hanging

I actually finished this piece sometime in the first two weeks of July but didn't note exactly when, and didn't get a picture until the last week of July. Anyway. Laser cut applique on sunset background. I made it a wall hanging. This will be a gift to my parents (they're getting a lot of wilderness themed stuff this year).

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Christmas tree wall hanging

I completed this quilt top in one weekend. The original pattern said this was for a 4' tall finished product; however as you can guess from the picture, it's closer to 5'6" without binding.

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Big Year update

Big Year 2015 master list

We have a new record, with the birds we saw at Port Aransas!

Magnificent frigatebird
Neotropic cormorant
Forster's tern
Black-crowned night heron
Black tern
Snowy plover
Cinnamon teal

And seen downtown:
Bronzed cowbird

This brings us to 143 species so far for 2015!

Rusty the Fox Pillow

Completed in just a few hours (yay for panels!) is Rusty the Fox Pillow!

 photo foxpillow_07192015.png

Rusty is a two-sided pillow of a sweater-wearing fox. I bought the panel in Alaska and in a few hours ironed, sewed and stuffed him. The only part of pillows I don't like is sewing them shut; it really cramps up my hands. :(

Rusty measures approx 17" across.


Alaska Trip Part 11: The Voyage Home

Alaska trip part 11, aka the final part.

Cat pictures. I thought I had more, but - cat pix! Also, the return home.

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Alaska Trip part 10: Musk Ox Mania

Alaska trip part 10: The musk ox farm

Way more fascinating than it sounds! Also, Thunder Bird Falls.

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Alaska Trip part 9: Panning for Gold

Alaska trip part 9: Panning for gold

AngryDandelion had been torn between "tourist trap panning for gold" and "going into the hills panning for gold." I suggested the former as we were likely to get something for our efforts.

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Alaska Trip part 7: Homer Sweet Home

Alaska trip part 7: Homer and home

In which we visit more museums and come across a curious sign.

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Alaska Trip part 6: Homer, Day 2

Alaska trip, part 6: Homer, day 2

Kayaking! Caves! Starfish! Birds!

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Alaska Trip part 5: Homer

Alaska trip, part 5: Homer, Alaska (day 1)

The beach, the mudflats, the hipness of it all!

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Another Goodwill score

Remember the last great deal on lego-type kids at Goodwill? Today we got another one. $15, opened, instructions included, we don't know yet if any pieces are missing (AngryDandelion is putting it together as we speak).

On Amazon:
 photo mb_bship.png

Even the used ones tend to run $60, so any way you look at it, this was a steal.
So I logged into the medical insurance website to look something up and I was told:

"Your coverage has been cancelled as of June 30, 2015."

Needless to say, this is heart-attack scary, especially as we still have stuff coming up (to say nothing of the medical bills that continue to ambush us).

I called Benefits immediately (within my company) and was told "Yes, several people have reported this, you still have coverage." So there's a glitch somewhere, but... yikes. Not the thing you want to see.

IN HAPPIER NEWS: I finished a quilt top last night! And it's enormous! Like, king-size! I have no idea how I'm going to get it through my poor little machine when I'm able to afford backing & batting.
Alaska trip part 4: quilts, birds, museums!

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Alaska Trip Part 3: We stayed at Earthsong Lodge in Healy, Alaska. They look pretty new or recently renovated.

This post features lots of pix of dogs, too!
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Alaska Trip part 2: Denali

Trip to Alaska, part 2: Denali

The trip to Denali is normally a 6-hour drive, but we stopped periodically, and there was the problem of wildfires. Alaska had very little snow this winter and thus everything is very dry, so it's easy for fires to get started by natural or artificial means. The wildfires had calmed enough for us to get to Denali on the one highway there, but at times they were down to 1 lane. There was also plenty of construction, also resulting in traffic narrowed to 1 lane.

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Alaska Trip part 1: Outward bound/Anchorage

Hey everyone! It's sweeps week here at Laridian's LJ, and that means vacation pictures! :D There are a lot, so they'll be running for some time now, but easily broken up by event or day. Enjoy!

Day 1: Getting there! Anchorage!
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