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Big year update

Over the weekend, Pixie saw an Eastern bluebird and I saw a scissor-tailed flycatcher (which is such a pretty bird).

That gets us to 66 so far this year, and we're not even 1/3 of the way through 2014!

Master list for 2014

Something I keep meaning to do is make a life list for myself, partly based on these Big Year lists.

go me!

Easter Egg Hunt

By all accounts, I ran an excellent egg hunt this year.

I bought 220 plastic eggs and into each one put one of the "good" candies (Hershey's Miniatures, mini Kit Kats, solid chocolate eggs, mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups). There were 5 kids, so 5 eggs each also had $1 in them and were assigned a kid's name; only the kid whose name was on the egg got to pick up that egg. Two eggs also had prize tickets for basically extra eggs (inside the house).

We stuck to the front yard and some eggs were right out in the open while others were much more hidden.

Each kid got a brown paper sack and was told when the sack was full of eggs, they had to leave the field.

The size of the yard and sheer number of eggs (45 per kid!) meant everyone got a full or nearly full sack of eggs and thus plenty of candy plus $1 and a 2-in-5 chance of a prize. The kids loved it. Even the Little Prince got a big bag of eggs plus one of the prizes. That was also dessert for Easter lunch.

The kids said how much better it was to get "real" candy instead of "Chinese candy" or hard candies. (Chinese candy is that super cheap Jolly Rancher ripoff stuff, the hard ball candies, lollipops, etc. that you can buy by the jumbo bag at Sam's or Costco.)

Next year, thinking maybe each egg will have a raffle-type ticket in it. At the end of the egg hunt, maybe have the kids redeem the tickets for valuable prizes, like at Chuck E Cheese or most arcades these days. Give a variety of prizes so they can get some small candies as well as maybe something better like a $5 gift card or whatever.


TF2: Holy Mackerel

The Holy Mackerel is one of the easiest props to make for the Scout in Team Fortress 2, assuming you can get your hands on a plastic or rubber fish.

 photo HolyMackerel.png

I used some chopsticks as dowels in the base, attaching them to the tail with electrical tape. Newspaper can be replaced easily as it gets torn or worn. Yes, I know it's a trout. You try finding a wide selection of cheap plastic fish! :P

This is one of Imp's favorite weapons in TF2, since you beat people over the head with it, and if you kill someone with it, it's announced as FISHKILL for everyone to see. XD


Big year update

Pixie saw a Yellow-crowned Night Heron (lovely looking bird) and Dad saw a Hairy Woodpecker, which brings us to 64 for the year so far!

Master List for Big Year 2014

gold guy

retweeting on the cheap

Joseph Uranowski @Uranowski April 15
If your child was born today tell them they were born on the day it snowed in Spring after the Blood Moon rose, as the prophecy foretold.


More dogbone pillows

It's nice that these whip up so quick, and that you can really give one to everyone you know!

I lucked into this fabric - it was a remnant marked at .87 yards, but turned out to be a little over 2 yards, so someone really mismeasured it. A dogbone takes about a yard of material, so this let me make two of them. They're going to be Mother's Day gifts for my mother-in-law and grandmother.

 photo mothersdaydogbones_04112014.png

The material is that really silky "minky" stuff that feels so nice, but cutting it? It looked like an Angora rabbit got sheared all over the table, my phone, my tools, the rug... oh, man, what a mess.

But they look nice and feminine and are really soft and comfy, so these should be appreciated.

ain't nobody's...

I thought I'd gotten the civ-monkey off my back

Civilization: Beyond Earth


Just when I thought it was safe to look at a Civ game again

storm warning

that crazy Texas weather

And now that I've packed away the winter clothes, a sudden front blew in yesterday, knocked out the power for several hours, and it's 42 freakin' degrees this morning.


More TF2 props

Both kids want to be Scout for the next con, so I'm putting together a second outfit and set of props, and improving the current ones.

Three items so far, including a scattergunCollapse )


Spring cleaning

Cleaned out the closet a bit. Two big bags of yarn. Pixie's not knitting and hasn't done so since last fall, so I'm going to donate the yarn. I think the church has a charity club, where they make crafts to sell or give away for charity. If so, then they get first crack at the yarn. There's just so much of it and I don't know what to do with it all, and we don't have space to keep something we're not using.

Threw out a really beat-up pair of boots.

Donated a big bag of outgrown Imp clothes to Goodwill.

Finally got someone to take the rocking chair and footrest off our hands. I was given it the year Pixie was born. I didn't want it then or afterward, but Mom kept saying it was such a nice chair, and yes it's in good condition, but I never wanted it. So I'm very glad to have it out of the house at last.

Moved the computer desk to Pixie's room because Imp doesn't want his (admittedly low-end) computer any more, and Pixie can use it for email and looking up flute transcriptions of her favorite songs.

Packed away most of the winter clothes. Several loads of laundry were resolved.

Didn't even try to do any quilting this weekend, but I got some more TF2 props made and frankly, I got a lot done as it was.

guybrush devil's triangle

Old-Skool Gaming

Curse of Monkey Island finally runs on my computer! WOOT

If I ever find the discs for The Dig and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, I'll have some new old games to play! We have the discs, just don't know where...

I'd also like to try Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders sometime, but we don't have the discs for that, and finding them for sale is less than easy these days.

cross stitch

Ornament status

I completed another Christmas ornament today. I last worked on this about a month ago; so I'll keep working on these as occasion permits. Today I was guardian of the camp chairs at the spring festival, so I stitched. All I really had to do was the backstitching, everything else was done.

 photo 2015_ornament_woodland_santa.png

Woodland Santa. That's probably meant to be a raccoon, but white stripes on brown tail usually signifies a cacomistle instead. So that's what I say it is, instead of probably a misprint on the chart that I didn't catch/care about enough to fix, heh.

This is for Christmas 2015; I already have all the ornaments for 2014 done, so I'm still ahead and it's OK that I've really slowed down on these for now.

what do you want

I want more of this. I would watch this SO HARD

it was a dream

Frozen parody: STAAR testing

Texas has the STAAR tests every year for different grades and subjects. This Houston elementary school did a parody of "Let It Go" from Frozen about the STAAR test. This will be of interest only to parents in mandatory-testing states and/or educators. Everyone else can move along. :P

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Cosplay props: Ubersaw (Complete) from Team Fortress 2

This week I finished up the Ubersaw from Team Fortress 2.

 photo DSC04132.jpg

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Black Sunday sims to share!

All the previous stories are here.

porkwithbones' recent post about Black Sunday in a magical future reminded me that I haven't done anything with my own game in a while. This was because I was waiting for Alatan to get her LTW, which the game said she had achieved the goals, but it wouldn't recognize the LTW. So I got bored and forgot about them for a while.

Last night I booted back in, sent Alatan to tend the garden, and bam! LTW! So now they're officially done! :D

With that result in hand, maybe now I'll install those two EPs I got for Christmas, and run a new challenge, maybe with another sim than Johnny for a change of pace.

And here are the four Black Sunday kids for download! I've included what they'll look like as YAs.

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Big year update

BIG Big Year update today!

Little blue heron
Common gallinule
American Coot
Redwinged blackbird
Wood stork
Sandhill crane
Blue-winged teal
Least bittern
Red-bellied woodpecker
Cattle egret
Tricolor heron

Up to 62!

Master List for 2014


April Fools from England

Also, mas#tags! (These are not an April Fools joke, these are real as far as I can tell)
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The State Quilt (formerly the State Flower Afghan)

This is still tagged "state flower afghan" but now I'm switching it to "state quilt" (not flower-specific). I'm not likely to ever take up the cross-stitched afghan in any meaningful way again. However, I did find Quilt Blocks Across America on Amazon at a very reasonable price, and this is what I want to do for the concept.

The book/CD is really nicely laid out. Each state's quilt pattern is made up of individual elements, which you can mix and match to customize your design. Ohio's design has a cardinal, a lighthouse, and a lake on it; but as the author relates, when she was testing this, someone said "I grew up in farm country in Ohio, none of this works for me!" The solution: take the farmland background from the Wisconsin block, the stalk of maize corn from the Nebraska block, etc., and you now have a customized Ohio block to use.

You pick your own fabrics and it's all applique, which will be exciting for me to try, but I want to finish some of these other quilt ideas first. For the record, I have Pixie's Hole in the Wall quilt, the denim log cabin, Scrappy Love, and everyone's Christmas presents (yes!) and some mother's day presents already in the "things I need to finish/want to do" pipeline, so this has to find a space in there somewhere.

I can already see how I'll customize some blocks myself. Florida has a flamingo and a lighthouse, which I'd get rid of, and put in a sandpiper and a sand shovel & bucket on the beach.

The author recommends enlarging the patterns on the disk, because the default is about 7" square and that makes for tiny blocks - but how many blocks will I need, if it's "every state Toly or I have lived in or significantly visited"? (airport layovers don't count)
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Happy PeanutButter and Jelly Day!

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