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New Circle Pines teens

While you're waiting for the Grand Finale of the Black Widow story, here's a few other pix to check out!

Due to Circle Pines' unhealthily high mortality rate, there are now a dearth of teens for the Brains (or Spyder) kids to date. I got some teens from seidoo_ryuu to fix that situation.

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Black Widow update

The Black Widow challenge is almost done! I got the idea to just do an extra big episode at the end... I don't know what I was thinking. ^^;; At any rate it is almost done, and I hope to get the episode posted in the next two weeks. Then back to the Brains at last!

Create Your Own Monster Movie

 photo tumblr_mvhfp6DE8K1r1x4nlo1_1280.jpg

I got... Day of the Disco Zombies

Coming soon to a Rifftrax near you!


Service Sims Legacy

Because I got asked about it and thought maybe this would be a good refresher:

The Service Sim Legacy rules are here: http://laridian.livejournal.com/2725200.html

The episode/generation list is here:

So far the service sims married in are the Mail Carrier, the Grocery/Chinese Delivery Driver, and the Burglar, so they're off-limits to all future generations. (Looking at it that way, the later generations are going to have a thin pool of spouse candidates, aren't they?)


I got some kind of bug or spider bite on my neck at the family event this afternoon >:(

Smiling and photography

Why people used to look so serious in photos but now have big smiles


And in the comments, people ignore the article's point that "hey, even after you didn't have to sit still for several minutes for a photo, even after photos could be taken in seconds, people still didn't smile in photos for decades" and keep saying "it's because you had to sit uncomfortably long to get a picture done with Olde-Tymie Cameras."

Hippo birdie 2 ewe!

Happy birthday pyrosigner !

Tomboy Toes shoes

I was going to send this to one person and then realized there are a few on my F-list who might be interested in these...


Men's style dress shoes in women's sizes.


Service Sims update!

The voting is over for the Service Sim Legacy! And the winner is... Voleur Bear with 4 of the 9 votes! Man, remember the days when you could get piles of votes?

Anyway, Voleur will carry on the 4th Generation of the Service Sim Legacy. She's getting packaged up and will be ready to go shortly.

Dagger Bear got 3 votes, and there was a last minute surprise vote for his twin sister Cloak to bring her to 2. Einbrecher and Murtovaras didn't get any votes, but they get a big round of applause for participating.

As of this writing, the next player is alittlestrange . Please let seidoo_ryuu know the best way to get the sim package to you.

Looking forward to the next one! Future participants/volunteers are welcome, if you want to take on a later generation. Just remember, the list of available service sims narrows as the generations goes on... :)



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