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Time to hit the road

As best exemplified by Bob and Bing:

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Mom was right, getting up at 4 am is easy when you're The Lightest Sleeper in the World


Smoke and Steel table runner

I really love this one. Available for purchase, PM if interested! Smoke, steel and silver combine in chains of tumbling Roman blocks, backed with a starry night fabric.

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Very brief sims update

I'm trying to get the next Brains ready but it might not be until after Thanksgiving because of holidays.

Painted the bathroom

The green ("Fresh Foliage" by Clark & Kensington) is a little strong.

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More memeage

Debating whether to do an "advent calendar" type thing again this year from December 1-24ish. They're fun but sometimes it's a struggle getting those last few entries.


I have ENERGY for cleaning and doing things and painting the bathroom and I can't because of familial and other obligations.



Tonight we watched The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition, and every restored scene was totally worth it. The movie makes so much more sense now!

Spring Rows table runner

Spring Rows table runner. I made a lot of table runners lately. I don't have this many tables or counters! But I love the colors in this one (from Moda's Block Party series).

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Winter Table Runner

This one is available for purchase, PM if interested.

A winter-themed table runner with snowy sparkle throughout. Navy, white and silver.

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Original post here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/My-Point-573028597

Vampiriism on DA made some fanart of my Forever War characters, Gunter the Medic and Sasha the Scout (and porkwithbones' Martin the Spy is hiding in the back). I am sooooo happeeeeee this morning!

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