TF2 Biscornu update

team fortress 2
It's been a couple of weeks, but I got some more done today. Hope to get more done this week; we'll see.

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I was so good at this game


 photo a2d1e980f68425dfc5fdd77551e47f96.jpg
 photo db4cbfc8dfc335e922de17ac8a07bdba.jpg

(posting the pix here because the embed doesn't seem to work)

This is cool too

fallout 3

If only I could get one for every ethnicity I can legitimately claim! I bet they're out there if I look hard enough.

It's funny, I used to be a small in T-shirts, but I think they're changing the sizing funky (or I'm, y'know, in denial about age and weight and stuff) because now I'm a medium. Whereas Toly has the opposite problem, vanity sizing means sometimes he's now a medium where in other places he's a large.

And of course, nowadays I buy T-shirts with an eye toward them eventually ending up in a T-shirt quilt...

My first-ever Nanowrimo success!

 photo Winner-2014-Web-Banner.jpg

I couldn't have done this without porkwithbones as my cowriter. I've tried Nanos in previous years and always gotten stuck around 25-30k words and/or Thanksgiving. Cowriting really, really helped keep me going and kept me from getting stuck, and PWB came up with interesting plot twists I wouldn't have thought of. Thank you, and congratulations to you too! :)

(We also wrote this while simultaneously writing a massive fanfic-that's-no-longer-fanfic, and I'm not sure of the wordcount on that one, but it's gotta be close!)

Pilgrim hat cookies

wok don't wok
For the company potluck tomorrow, I made pilgrim hat cookies.

They look like a bunch of lost pilgrims, milling around, looking for the exit.

 photo thanksgivingcookies2014.png

22% humidity

gold guy
That's what it was in the house today. Have been boiling water in the electric kettle to put some water back in the air. Also bought a humidifier. We really need several of them but what would we do with them the rest of the year? I guess I'll just rotate them around from room to room.


Fabric hunting, Beyond Earth

Today I picked out 7 batik fabrics for the Northern Lights quilt (gonna make it king-size BECAUSE OF COURSE I WILL MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR MYSELF TO ASSEMBLE). The downside is that even with 40%-off-one-item coupons galore, I still had about $40 to work with and $90 of fabric. (Batiks are sooo pretty but sooo expensive)

I got three of them. The king-size version needs 8, but I'm using the kelp batik I already have. So now I have 4 fabrics, half of what I need. I took a picture of the rest so I can get them later, if they're still there.

Yes, I know I'm buying fabric for a quilt when I actually have 3 others actively in progress that I can remember at this time. And I bought another pattern magazine too. And this doesn't count the Mad Science kit that I got at the quilt festival but haven't even cracked open yet.

~ ~ ~

I also have returned to 4X games with Civilization: Beyond Earth, slightly discounted, and I don't know what half the tech tree does but it's fun finding out. Also, every national ruler on this world is female and all of my secret agents are female. I didn't pick that, the game did.


Stuff I kinda like/want

I think these would be neat for SilverLily, but her troop leader might not appreciate them:
Night Vale Girl Scout patches

Spiderwolves shirt except the "special care" instructions sound like more effort than I ever put into laundry

(I've actually tried listening to Welcome to Night Vale and I like the idea, but I couldn't get past the fourth episode.)


 photo Nanowrimo2014.png

She may not be the best sounding board for alternate-universe action thrillers with no romantic subplot to get in the way of the story.

Big Year update (new life list species!)

Master list for 2014 is here.

Eastern phoebe
Black-billed cuckoo

Two phoebe species in one year! And the black-billed cuckoo is totally new on all of our life lists.

Gram's last afghans

My grandmother is 93 now, and she made afghans for each of the five great-grands (maybe more, but I know she made this many). These are for them to take to college, she said, since the odds are she won't be with us at that time.

Gram has since forgotten how to crochet an afghan - she can crochet, but the process doesn't lead anywhere... so these are the last afghans.

We're going to pack these for now, save them for later. But we did take a picture of the kids with them so she can see. Actually the kids would love to start using them right now, heh.

 photo afghans_11112014.png

They're nice and big and surprisingly cozy. Nice color coordination, too.


TF2 Biscornu update

cross stitch
It's been a couple of weeks since I last worked on this, so let's get an update.

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Nanowrimo day off (and scrappy foxes)

Taking a day off. Every job needs days off to recharge. ;) And there's a good buffer built up, so I can afford it. Also I feel very unmotivated today as far as writing, so I'm focusing on other things like all those fox face fabrics. This is going to make a pair of very scrappy quilts.

I looked at a solid background for the fox face quilts (I want it to be the same for both) and couldn't find anything I liked at the local Joanns. I'm tied to them because I have gift cards I want to use. Finally found one I was okay with (not a fave) but then turned out I couldn't use my coupons on it... so I didn't get anything. Kind of frustrating. Also because I want to get a whole bolt (I need 9-10 yards), since that counts as "one cut" for coupon purposes, I have to find something that's in a big enough bolt. I wonder if I can order in a bolt? Or maybe I'll just keep checking periodically. It's hard for me to wait, because I want to just cut fabric today, heh.

The fox quilts are using up a lot of scraps, which I'm happy about. I'm trying to use up all the little pieces, and save the big ones for future projects. So a lot of leftover jelly roll strips are going to this (most pieces are 2.5" wide), odd bits I've saved, etc. It's nice to kinda clean out the stash this way.

Big Year update

Master list is here for 2014

Common moorhen
Double-crested cormorant

Maybe some others, but we have to get the pictures onto a computer so we can zoom in and confirm.

Up to 119. Last year's total was 138. Going to be really hard to beat last year.

Big Year update

Bald eagle

I'm honestly not sure if we'll get much more than a handful for the rest of the year. But there's still chances!

Master List for 2014

Fancy Fox quilt

One of the things I got at the International Quilt Festival last weekend was the pattern for the Fancy Fox quilt:
 photo fancyfoxquilt.jpg

Details and photo are here:

SilverLily seems excited about this one too, although it'll take 80 fox faces to make a twin bed quilt. Still, great way to use up scraps! For the neutral background, though, I'll need to find something I can use a 60%-off coupon on at Joann's. You can't sew the face pieces together until you have that background material.



So this dress at first looks like maybe a tie-dye design, right?
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New Computer

technical difficulties
Which is really keen, because it's super quiet and has an eerie green glow, and loads of room, but the downside is logging into everything all over again and redownloading stuff.

Lime green pillows!

So my dotted line boss paid me in advance to make her a selection of throw pillows, since I was going to the International Quilt Festival and could pick out cool stuff. And this really was the best time to do that, since there was so much variety to choose from!

The parameters set by DLB:
- colors should be lime green, black, tan, white
- retro/1960s designs, circles, polka dots
- different sizes
- at least 5 pillows, up to 10

I dropped "tan" from the color list because, as you can see in the pictures below, lime/black/white are fairly trendy right now!

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